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Christian Territory: Chitungwiza the Epicentre of Worship

Historically feared as a territorial spirit terrain , Chitungwiza is gradually becoming a Christian dominion . Once hailed for its spor...

Historically feared as a territorial spirit terrain, Chitungwiza is gradually becoming a Christian dominion.

Once hailed for its sporting exploits and music talents, all this has been overtaken. Today, powerful servants of God have been raised stamping their authority in the ever-expanding town

The dormitory town tag is seemingly evaporating by the day to adopt the title of Worship Centre. To date; it has nurtured prominent servants of God.

Arguably, the initiator of the largest church in figures Prophet Walter Magaya of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries is a product of the town.  

Though he presently functions from the capital, the magnetic miracle performer is a former catholic with his footprints firmly imprinted in the dusty suburb of Seke in Chitungwiza.
Prophet Walter Magaya Began his Ministry in Chitungwiza 

 A Catholic by birth, a Pentecostal by calling, his church commands in excess of 50 000 congregates per service. His humble upbringing can be traced back to Seke. 

It is said his following swelled from a mere 500 people to mammoth figures, with believers drawn from everywhere with the birth of his church in 2012.

The son of Chitungwiza has recently embarked on visitations to various towns and cities to perform deliverance duties. Even if his ghetto past might not be residual, he has often spoken of his connection with the famous town in his sermons. 

Affiliate assemblies from PHD Ministries are sprouting around the town. Though controversy has stalked him non-stop, Prophet Magaya cannot be denied his firm Chitungwiza roots that have been buttressed by his immense following. 

His ripple effects have been felt across the nation including musical, sporting and business spheres. His generous character has won him friends across the nation.

The name Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa is synonymous with a gigantic church under construction in Chitungwiza. The vast synagogue has consumed 9 600 m2 of space on a 16 hectare plot. The wonders are not exhausted there.

After completion, the hall will accommodate the first-ever elevators in the town. In a recent interview, the construction was said to be direct instruction from God to the charismatic prophet. 

The vast gathering often brings brisk business to the town, not limited to commuter operators and vendors. Conservative estimates predict that around $30 000 exchange hands each Sunday. 

The revered Prophet spent his secondary days at Zengeza High 1 School, before he led Hebron assembly under the AFM banner in Seke, before he founded UFIC in 2010.

In Prophet Makandiwa, Chitungwiza has found its tourism and business jewel. His service unleashes an avalanche of various business deals. The construction of his Basilica has opened employment opportunities to the town’s redundant residence, with the majority of the workforce drawn from the nearby community.

Probably, Chitungwiza has become the epicenter of worship in the country. For the past 20 years, Apostle Pride Sibiya, a servant called into God’s ministry has been consistent to establish more than 35 assemblies for Glory Ministries in three southern African countries.

A product of the town, he is remembered for his prayers in many public places around the town. His main mandate is to prepare the church for the second coming of Jesus Christ. 

Today, Chitungwiza houses 9 assemblies among others around the country. He also attended the same school with Prophet Makandiwa. The contemporary debate initiated by Prophet Magaya concerning white garment churches is not alien to him. 

He witnessed weekly gatherings on open spaces dotted across the town. The sects he labeled as manipulated by water-borne spirits have added flair to the congregation in the town since time in memorial.

Mapositori have added their spiritual flair and voices to the Christian debates raging in the country and command a huge following. It is common to witness different floral dressing on various open spaces around the town at weekends.

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