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How do you become a Freemason?

Prominent people like George Bush and Mark Twain are believed to have been affiliates to one or more secret societies. Though evidence is l...

Prominent people like George Bush and Mark Twain are believed to have been affiliates to one or more secret societies. Though evidence is limited, theorists have linked these individuals with the groups, some which operate with bizarre regulations. 
The Thule Society
Adolf Hitler was rumoured to be an active member. Originally it began as a kind of German heritage group that dabbled in the occult. But it quickly transformed into an organisation that sought to forward the ideology of the Aryan race taking an outwardly racist approach toward Jews and other minorities – and later became the Nazi party under Hitler.

The Sons of Liberty
Composed of Paul Revere and John Hancock among other notables, it was made of smaller factions of patriots in America prior to the Revolutionary War. The most famous event engineered by the Sons remains the Boston Tea Party in 1773, when members of the group dressed as Indians dumped shiploads of overtaxed tea into Boston Harbour.

Skull and Bones
George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush and John Kerry are some of the famous affiliates.  The society taps new students for membership every spring. The only real prerequisite for membership is that the initiate be a campus leader. It consists of U.S. Presidents, Senators and Supreme Court Justices and is funded by the Russell Trust Association. Meetings are held twice a week but their agenda remains a mystery.  

The Illuminati
t has made headlines in television, movies and books. The Illuminati legend dates back to the late 1700s in Germany. At the time, members of the group presented themselves as an order of liberal free thinkers. Though believed to be an underground collection – they are believed to be determining world industry and politics. The Bush family, Winston Churchill and President Barack Obama have all been alleged as prominent members – though no justifiable evidence of such a group has ever been revealed.

The Freemasons
With a membership close to 5 million – its history dates back to 1717. Originally it was created to be a brotherhood whose members share certain key philosophical ideas, such as belief in a supreme being and moral uprightness. Initiates must be recommended to the group by a member. And once in one must pass through different degrees of standing before attaining the “Master Mason” level. Members have defined handshakes, gestures and passwords. Non-masons are banned from meetings. Famous associates include Winston Churchill, Mark Twain and Bob Dole.

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