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Characteristics of a child molester

Every child is at risk of being abused. Check out these signs of a potential abuser.    1.     Is usually married. A small ...

Every child is at risk of being abused. Check out these signs of a potential abuser. 
1.    Is usually married. A small number never marry and maintain a lifelong interest in children
2.    Most often an adult male; however, adolescents and women also molest children
3.    May relate better to children and feel more comfortable with their interests
4.    May have few adult friends
5.    May talk with children as one would talk to an adult in order to equalize the relationship
6.    Usually prefers children in a specific age group and one gender over the other
7.    May work or volunteer with programmes involving children in the preferred age group
8.    Pursues children for sexual purposes but may attempt to form emotional connections and in order to gain the child’s sympathy
9.    May take photographs of victims: dressed, nude, or in sexual acts
10. May collect child erotica and child-adult pornography to lower the inhibitions of victims
11. May give alcohol or drugs to potential victims to lower inhibitions
12. May seek out organisations that support sexual beliefs and practices
13. May offer to babysit or take children on trips in order to manipulate situations to be near or molest children. Talking to Your Children

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