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Ways In Which Spiritual Spouses May Haunt Your Life

Tired of watching his family suffer in silence and tormented at will each night, a certain man approached a servant of God seeking a soluti...

Tired of watching his family suffer in silence and tormented at will each night, a certain man approached a servant of God seeking a solution. His dilemma: all the women in his family were being tormented by an “invisible man” engaging them in sexual encounters.


This was a brave move considering many would rather divorce or elect to suffer in isolation. After a deliverance session with Apostle Pride Sibiya, the problem departed.
Spiritual Spouses Are Causing Havoc 

“Spiritual spouses are real but so is the reality of the victory of Christ over every spirit,” comments Apostle Sibiya in his recent handbook: How to overcome spiritual spouses! (ISBN 978 0 7974 6400 1).

Are you not victim?
The above scenario is often common. The above testimony is one symptom of spiritual spouses as exposed by Apostle Sibiya in his book: How to overcome spiritual spouses! The booklet is dedicated to victims of this curse who often endure in isolation. 

And if you observe closely in your community, there might is that eligible bachelor or prospective lady that remain single.

Or, that couple that always quarrels over simple matters. Sadly, these people end up leaving a sad, isolated life, unaware of the root cause. Some in desperation may resort to homosexuality or seek other ways to get solutions. 

The mentioned scenarios may not necessarily point to spiritual spouses but in most cases this might be the cause, reveals the author.
Apostle Pride Sibiya 

What is a spiritual spouse?
“A spouse is someone you are married to. On spiritual level it is possible that beings betroth themselves to human beings,” explains the writer. 

The booklet then states the various types of spiritual spouses likely to take hold of your life. These are not limited to goblins and water spirits only. 

With high divorce rates being witnessed, people might take this as a mere coincidence. But as the writer cautions, “Some people fail to love or respect their spouses for seemingly no apparent reason. This may signal the presence of a spirit spouse.” 

Therefore, some disputes in marriages are heavily linked with these spirits. Other effects of spiritual spouse may include extreme sexual dreams, being barren or the spirit of rejection caused by a jealousy spirit.
Disputes In Marriages Are Linked To Spiritual Spouses 

Many questions, few answers
Do you have any of these questions?

1. What is a spiritual spouse?
2. Does it operate in women only?
3. Can it destroy your virginity or make you pregnant?
4. What are the types of spiritual spouses?
5. What are the effects of having a spiritual spouse?
6. How do I overcome a spiritual spouse?
Marriages Are Under Constant Attacks 

For a clearer explanation on these, invest in the book for only $4 a copy, and start your journey towards a lifelong deliverance.

Who is Apostle Sibiya?
He has delivered many souls from the devil’s bondage. And he seeks to preach to more souls. The servant of God is married to Anna Tendai, and during TICC, he celebrates 20 years in ministry. 

How to overcome spiritual spouses is his fourth offering after, Let’s talk about sex babe, His glory, our vision and Why should I go to church?

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