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The Bulldozer: When God’s Lieutenants Invaded Chitungwiza

It was a week that will linger in many Christians’ minds – a date the devil and his associates sought refuge inside their hideouts. Oh hal...

It was a week that will linger in many Christians’ minds – a date the devil and his associates sought refuge inside their hideouts.

Oh hallelujah, Harare’s dormitory town crossed from bondage into prosperity. The guest register was a revelation. He was the first evangelist under Archbishop Ezekiel Guti in ZAOGA. 

Since 1949, he has relentlessly preached Jesus Christ across nations. 66 years afterward, aged 88 – Dr Abel Sande is still on fire. And true to his moniker, the bulldozer, he ploughed into the flock’s mindset with vigour.

“Back then we did three services a day when setting up a church. I have built many churches and I pray for all churches. Africa must build more churches. 

But you must ask the legends, find the truth and your soul will find rest. God needs the brave, cowards die before their time,” revealed the founder of Ambassadors for Christ.

Dimensions of fellowship
In 1972, his lost soul was resurrected by the Lord. Today, he speaks on diverse platforms. Together with his wife, Archbishop Asa Gurupira leads Faith in God Ministries.

When he landed, Archbishop Gurupira demonstrated why he is revered as far afield as Mexico. “God is always in three dimensions. The hearing dimension is talking about the cross, you can’t develop any further. 

Your problems are solved by someone – a person stands between you and God. If someone can counterfeit God’s voice, you are gone,” he said.

The late Dr Abel Sande 
He then analysed the sight dimension.

“The sight dimension is dangerous one, filled with the spectacular. There is more of God’s hands not works while there is temptation to remain the same, though faith develops here. 

Don’t stay here too long, the devil also operates in this level but that’s where he ends.”

The touch dimension can only be attained trough faith and love for humanity. He cautioned to guard against the devil and create an atmosphere for forgiveness.

Reviving the African spirit
Often, the egoistic mantra rules within Africa. 

“People in Africa need to be responsible. We are always blaming someone for our predicament. We don’t want to take responsibility,” mentioned Dr Ngwiza Mkandla.
And the colonisation legacy has become a scapegoat for the continent’s dire status.

“Most Africans are not stewards but owners, therefore there is no accountability. A country becomes my own country – an army becomes personal property. There is privatisation of national assets.”

The scholarly cleric was not yet done.

“Africa is sitting on massive creative potential but we often sit and wait for a luck day and stop looking for resolutions – until you realise you are a creator. Always start with what you have and never despise yourself,” he said.

Farmer withers hunter
The third edition of the Blessing Connector, a book by Prophet Blessing Chiza is coming soon. Meanwhile, he extracted a chapter on farmers versus hunters.

“The laws of God are spiritual farming. We must destroy the spirit of begging. Africa is good soil for Europe. God is farmer, not a hunter. Hunting is hand to mouth, you cannot budget game. 

Famers plan, while hunters chase wild money. Farmers persuade the soil, hunters are not patient and selfish,” said the leader of Eagle Life Assembly, during the prophetic Friday night. 

Planned yearly by Glory Ministries, the 2105 Tiyambuke International Christian Convention, abridged as (TICC) – ran from 31st August until September 5th.

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