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Can Joice Mujuru charm her way to Presidential victory in Zimbabwe?

HARARE – Sell-outs forever fulfil their egotistic mandate. Cowards rarely meet death like the proverbial cat.   Lacking focus, the bl...

HARARE – Sell-outs forever fulfil their egotistic mandate. Cowards rarely meet death like the proverbial cat.
Lacking focus, the blind shall defiantly lead their cabal into eternal condemnation. Can this partially define one of Harare’s presidential aspirants?

Words by Derick Matsengarwodzi: media consultant, author and founder of Aloe Media Group. Let us interact through: Facebook; Email:; Twitter: @TinzweiDerick or Blog:

Her ascendency to stardom is well-documented. As a naïve veteran of the liberation struggle, she had a limited educational and political knowhow.    

People First?
At birth, she was Runaida Mugari. Later, after marrying the late army General Solomon 
Mujuru became Joice Mujuru, relegating her original identity. 

From an illiterate individual to attaining a doctorate – that is forever motivational. After attaining this, she thought it was ripe to manoeuvre from her political cocoon. Many people doubted her intentions – but today they are eating out of her hand. Someone once noted that, “if you want to develop a nation, educate a woman.” Mujuru is a classic case – and she is a darling at grassroots level.

Her terse departure from a party that nurtured her talents is a resounding case study. Many would be tempted dismiss to say, she overstayed her welcome – but contrary, she might have knitted a hypothesis and sought to rewrite her own story. Mujuru is rumoured to have become power greedy for her post. The only option was to send her packing.
A parallel drama is unfolding in South Africa.  

Dlamini-Zuma link
The common feature between Mujuru and Dlamini-Zuma is that they both divorced their respective husbands. And the duo still maintains their respective double-thronged husbands’ surnames. Years after divorcing Zuma, his former wife still carries his surname, for what benefits, we keep speculating.  

ANC Woman’s League, an equivalent of Zanu PF Women’s League that elevated Grace Mugabe in Harare declared at its national conference that Zuma’s successor must be a woman. This automatically disqualifies deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa. Observers believe her ex-husband chose her to succeed him for obvious reasons. One might be to protect family interests after his imminent departure. Though the two are separated, their ‘love affair’ is not extinguished. 

Dlamini-Zuma is also Zulu-speaking. In 2014 elections, ANC garnered 65.3% in KwaZulu-Natal. There is a bold feeling among many Zulu-speakers in the ANC that the party should be led by another Zulu-speaker. The current African Union Chairperson qualified as a medical doctor in Britain. She has four children with Zuma. They divorced in 1998. A formidable politician in her own right, perhaps short on charisma but makes up with a strong intellect, a talent for strategic thinking and a famous work ethic.
Buffalo man
Ramaphosa made noise after spending millions on a buffalo bull. 

And gossip say, when Zuma fell gravely ill early last year ‘after he was allegedly poisoned by one of his wives’, there was serious jockeying for power in the ANC. Zuma was informed and has not forgiven those who took part. Does this ring a bell? However, Ramaphosa’s opponents will make a mistake if they underestimate him. He has previously outmanoeuvred mine bosses as a trade unionist.

Ramaphosa stands out above other members of Cabinet and indeed the ANC’s senior leadership. The Marikana Massacre, ‘failures’ to bring peace to South Sudan and Lesotho – and sort out Eskom will be manipulated. And his massive personal wealth and buffalo buying will torch the dirty tricks against Ramaphosa at a convenient moment. With an entire intelligence machinery plus state media at his disposal, Zuma will do his will. But is it a curse being a vice president in Africa?

Forming a party with disgruntled personalities can be tricky and detrimental, ask Simba Makoni. Mujuru has elected to border herself with irritated individuals, who were cited as sell-outs within Zanu PF. Already – several of her intended coalition targets are backsliding. Or it is a ‘phantom created to haunt people from rallying opposition politics’. – The Aloe News  
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