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Why President Mugabe Will Win Elections In 2018

HARARE – I am writing whilst confined to darkness. ZESA, the electricity utility is lacking in its service delivery. Secondly, this crisis...

HARARE – I am writing whilst confined to darkness. ZESA, the electricity utility is lacking in its service delivery.

Secondly, this crisis will last a while – but so is the dithering by those who assert to offer us an option to our prevailing situation. Politics in Africa is a game of ‘gamblers’ – it’s often ‘winner takes all – including the women’.

And I know Zanu PF’s shortcomings, for I was mature when they came into power. Then I witnessed the creation of the opposition, The Aloe News was still a fantasy. Their deficiency cannot be quantified since they crumbled before they could formulate a solid foundation.

Steadfast Is The Game
Hate or like him – Robert Mugabe lives by his words.
President Robert Mugabe 

Today, he has succeeded in giving people the land – the source of everything that we see, though it has been marked with negative spots.

Few African leaders encompass the capacity, tenacity – and mostly the courage to implement their own independent strategies.

Mainly, it has been a copy and paste policy with detriment effects.

I am reminded how Jacob Zuma, the South African leader was made to apologise for his ‘anti-gay stance’ in his own backyard. But not Robert Mugabe – he even took his fight to New York – the headquarters of the United Nations within United States of America.

Indecisive Opposition
As you read this instalment, opposition politics in Zimbabwe is nearly comatose. 

Actually, it has been lifeless the moment they allowed ‘infiltrators’ to join their vision and ranks. Probably Morgan Tsvangirai’s lack of a learned background has dwarfed his political and personal verdict, totally.

Today, his epitaph reads: ‘Rest in pieces former opposition politics’. And fragments including ghost offshoots are numerous to refer to.

Joice Mujuru is another new entrant.
Joice Mujuru 

After she qualified to become a vice president, she proceeded to work tirelessly behind the scenes to undo her attainment. 

A product of the war of liberation, she was uneducated, immature serve for her heroics of gunning down a war plane – and then married to the late General Solomon Mujuru.

And her new collective, People First is a direct contradiction of how in the mid 90’s, she sought to eliminate mobile proprietor Strive Masiyiwa from the face of the mobile phone business world. 

Her now exposed malpractice ensured ‘losers’ won the first-ever cell phone tender in Harare.

However, her backers believe her tenure in government will aid to reveal how Zanu Pf has won successive plebiscites. 

They are hoping her to become the palm reader that will reveal the winning formula. Her critics overheard by The Aloe News perceive her as someway inert.

The Fear Factor
Politics in Africa is dominated by the ‘fear factor’.
Morgan Tsvangirai 
Those with the means always use it against their opponents to gain an upper hand. Zimbabwe has been in quandary to explain its position regarding politically-motivated violence. 

However, these facts cannot be proved beyond accusations, for lack of ‘evidence’. But we also know that the opposition engaged in similar acts.

Many Zimbabweans have nurtured this question at one instance: is Makoni the heir apparent within Zanu PF? Rumour reveal he fell into the same trap that has absorbed Tsvangirai, Welshman Ncube, Tendai Biti and the rest into the political void.

 It is a suffocating, confined space. 

And now, many are excited by the possibility of a ‘new entrant into the political arena’. And Strive Masiyiwa’s name is being hoisted. 

However, he has not personally put his nomination into the hat nor has he gathered political clout to propel him to the ‘Promised Land.’

Another worry is his penchant to implement ‘foreign solutions’ instead of ‘home-grown’ ones. Moreover, his anticorruption stance may instil fear in those willing to shore up his ‘ambition’ due their shady past.

‘Rest in Pieces’ (RIP)
The late Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole yearned for his dream to blossom. Though he defeated colonialism, his party could not substitute Zanu PF. Zanu Ndonga was interred with him – and his will never came full circle.
Tsvangirai And Lovemore Madhuku 
Long after the demise of Sithole, Lovemore Madhuku is trying to revive the National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) – now operating as a political concern.

Politics is a game of the mean and fit. Gone are the days when people listened to his boycott calls – now he is a distance voice confined to the archives. 

Biti, now a shadow of the former vibrant finance minister who once claimed treasury had less than $200 within its coffers.

A minority are still convinced he can guide them beyond their current conditions considering his physical status.

No wonder why present findings confirm Robert Mugabe’s triumph come 2018 – never mind his age, you are not God. 

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