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Are Zimbabwe Political Parties Fooling The Electorate?

HARARE – Zimbabwe has never known another alternative ruling party since independence besides Zanu PF under President Robert Mugabe’s reign...

HARARE – Zimbabwe has never known another alternative ruling party since independence besides Zanu PF under President Robert Mugabe’s reign, though a plethora of opposition movements have sprouted with countless fading soon after the elections.

Words By Derick Matsengarwodzi 

Many formations have popped into the political fray promising improved options, only for them to be sucked into scandals and divisions resulting in multiple splinter groups confusing their followers further.

As the country forward towards another election slated for 2018, more political movements are peddling promises to entice the electorate, the latest being former Vice President Joice Mujuru. 

Joice Mujuru 

After her dismissal from the ruling party, she has ganged with fellow relegated candidates to launch yet another part People First (PF). Confused, the electorate has lost count of political formations sprouting each day. 

Purges in politics are not limited to Zimbabwe, but the wholesale dumping of party carders witnessed in Zanu PF has left many quizzing their ultimate destination, given the proximity of the 2018 plebiscite.

Mujuru’s crime was her clandestine effort to eliminate his superior, a case which she vehemently denies. Soon after her humiliation, she went into hibernation – and romours of another political party started to float.

“The plan is for Mujuru to form a political party. The push is coming especially from her supporters in Parliament. The idea is that if Mujuru forms a party, they (MPs) will either mobilise to resign enmasse,” a source interviewed by a local weekly said.
President Robert Mugabe 

Harare is bracing for yet another formation consisting of disgruntled plus bitter characters vying to contest the political space within Zimbabwe. 

Didymus Mutasa, former spokesperson Rugare Gumbo, former secretary for commissariat Webster Shamu, and former production secretary Dzikamai Mavahire, who once mentioned that ‘Mugabe must go’ – are being mentioned as frontrunners in the latest movement.

Mujuru’s party manifesto Blueprint to Unlock Investment and Leverage for Development (BUILD) contains all the niceties aimed at desperate people. However, the wording inside the manifesto has been overused.

“We are national democrats, guided by the values of the liberation struggle of self-determination, self-dignity, self-pride, expressed through the adoption of market-driven policies under a constitutional democracy, with the State acting as facilitator and regulator to allow for a level playing field and provide equal opportunities for all.” 

Morgan Tsvangirai 
The former VP and her family possess vast tracts of land after disposing white farmers during the land reform initiated by war veterans. 

Today, she is opposing this.

“The law should, therefore, be applied equally to all citizens and offices in the land. All persons who call Zimbabwe home shall be entitled to access land and participate in its sustainable utilisation.”

She also promises to eliminate controversial legislation upon assuming office. Also, Zanu PF is failing to deliver the 2 million jobs it promised during the previous campaign as many face retrenchments.

With well-documented yet-to-be fulfilled pledges, who shall champion Zimbabwe’s political destination, come 2018? – The Aloe News

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