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Losing Football Administrator Manhandles Journalist In London

HARARE - Losing candidate in the just-concluded Zifa presidential elections Trevor Carelse-Juul allegedly manhandled journalist Lance Guma ...

HARARE - Losing candidate in the just-concluded Zifa presidential elections Trevor Carelse-Juul allegedly manhandled journalist Lance Guma during an interview in London recently, accusing the scribe of having a negative motive against him.

Carelse-Juul lost the plebiscite to football novice and businessman-cum-politician Phlip Chiyangwa whom he fingers for vote buying. The experienced football administrator has lost Zifa elections twice, previously to dismissed Cuthbert Dube.

"Trevor Carelse-Juul has just tried to assault me for asking a question about corruption allegations relating to the building of Angwa City in Harare.

And why payments were made to a company 'owned' by Sipepa Nkomo's wife just when Nkomo himself had awarded the contract to Juul's company to build Angwa City," Guma wrote.
Lance Guma (R) And Carelse-Juul During The Interview

The alteration ensured after Guma, a Zimbabwean-trained scribe and rights defender had quizzed Carelse-Juul to elaborate on his involvement in a construction scandal. 

Thereafter, things boiled 12 minutes into the interview when Carelse-Juul switched off the camera and tried to take the memory card in central London.

"I was prepared to defend myself physically and verbally. He thinks trying to headbutt me and confiscating my recording devices will answer the question. In my entire journalistic career I've never had a guest try to beat me up."

Carelse-Juul accused Guma of having a motive against him even before the interview, despite that he is the one who requested the interview. The interview shifted after he accused Chiyangwa of bribing Zifa councillors.

Philip Chiyangwa 
"I don't do bootlicking interviews, sorry. Carelse-Juul has sent someone to try and physically take the memory card off me. If anything happens to me right now on my way home you know who to ask," posted Guma. 

Despite threats of legal action against Guma, Nehanda TV will proceed to broadcast the botched interview.

"Threatening legal action is a moderation of the criminally liable threat of physical action. Some officials are the "Trumps of Africa" - who feel empowered by extremist statements of politically responsible figures to conduct acts of extremism against members of the public and institution that hold government accountable," observed Mike Staresinic. 

Stewart Chabwinja
Late Stewart Chabwinja 

United Nations reports that 70 media practitioners die on duty every year. 

Recently, Sunday Mail editor Mabasa Sasa and his two subordinates were arrested for publishing a story which sucked in a senior police officer. 

Meanwhile, the media community mourns the death of Stewart Chabwinja, the Assistant Editor of The Zimbabwe Independent. 

Chabwinja joined Alpha Media Holdings in 2002 as a sub-editor for The Standard newspaper before moving up the ladder in 2008, to become the Chief Sub-Editor. -

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