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Me, Myself And I Syndrome Is Killing Africa

My conscience has unceasingly quizzed why Africa remains laden with a plethora of challenges yet we are endowed with diverse resources. Fu...

My conscience has unceasingly quizzed why Africa remains laden with a plethora of challenges yet we are endowed with diverse resources.

Furthermore, my fellow inhabitants persist to wriggle in poverty. Personally, I solicited a counter towards this mystery.

Me, myself and I
Generally, the egoistic mantra rules the day on many instances within my motherland.

“People in Africa need to be responsible. We are always blaming someone for our predicament. We don’t want to take responsibility, lacking the courage to say: “I am responsible and the buck stops here,” mentioned Dr Ngwiza Mkandla.

According to previous experiences, a problem is often personalised. People cannot function as a unit. And the colonisation legacy has become the scapegoat for my continent’s dire status.

“Most Africans are not stewards but owners, therefore there is no accountability. A country becomes my own country – an army becomes personal property. There is privatisation of national or even church assets, while husbands have become selfish. Africa has all the resources, talents but we fight and refuse to be accountable.”

Spot on.

Some of Africa’s statesmen are apportioned the blame for stashing ill-gotten fortunes into offshore accounts, while their host nation descend into wretched poverty. Rampant patronage rules the roost in order to prop their waning popularity. I know you have extra exclusive illustrations, beloved reader.

Create by being creative
The scholarly cleric was not yet done.

“Africa is sitting on massive creative potential but we often sit and wait for a luck day and stop looking for resolutions – until you realise you are a creator,” adding that, “Solutions to our current problems are within us. Always start with what you have and never despise yourself. You are somebody with a talent to serve your God. Prosperity is having enough to serve God’s purpose.”

He then stroked the discipline theme.

“However, we terribly lack discipline. Our children have become spoiled brats. You must start building your own community. We also need discipline in the body of Christ in our dressing and eating habits. People have become lazy while diseases are now rife due to lack of self control. Time management is also essential for us to prosper.”

Instantly, my life was transformed, evermore.

His deliverance was offloaded at Tiyambuke International Christian Convention (TICC), in a revealing sermon titled: Reviving the African spirit.

Leaders are also followers
Evangelist Paul Saungweme, a regular to the yearly instalment dwelt on leadership. Leadership crisis, abuse of office has been prevalent within the church set up – while formation plus administration of certain churches has raised eyebrows.

“Everyone wants to be a leader and a founder. Before we become leaders, we must be led first. Your leaders also need encouragement. Be different in your community, even in your church. It takes time for a soldier to become one. Have a clear-cut character. Know your leader’s heartbeat,” cited the globetrotting preacher.

For that I proffer my cancer free amen! – Tinzwei

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