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Party To Enjoy Not To Spoil

HARARE - The festive season is upon us. And many will be partaking in parties fulfilling the Christmas pledge. Sadly cases of drunkenness, ...

HARARE - The festive season is upon us. And many will be partaking in parties fulfilling the Christmas pledge. Sadly cases of drunkenness, humiliation and even dismal from work are rife during this time of the year.

Here are few pointers to note in order to maintain the festive mood alive. 

Prepare yourself mentally and show up. Rather than dreading the occasion, the right mindset can provide much-needed balance. Accept that this is part of what is expected and expect to be able to talk to the people you do get along with, at the very least.

It's a good opportunity to meet your superiors in a casual environment and a chance for networking with new people. Both are great things for career escalation. It's also a good opportunity to get the wallflower into a good conversation. You might be surprised and find a terrific person there.

Decide what to wear. Find out what everyone else is wearing before the party and match the tone with your outfit. If it's casual dress and you turn up smart, that will immediately put you on the back foot and make the rest of the evening very uncomfortable.

If you are a woman, find a compromise between 'I'm attractive and sexy' and 'Take me seriously, I'm a professional'. Revealing clothing, while fun, is not appropriate around your superiors. Think beyond the event to the image you'd like your co-workers to retain of you in months to come!

Drink responsibly. Don't forget where you are – technically, still at work because you're with the work crowd, so treat the party as an extension to your work day. If there is one thing that can tarnish a reputation, it's getting out of control on the liquor at the work Christmas party.

Eat first before drinking. Drinking on an empty stomach is asking for trouble. Space all drinks with water and more food, and lots of conversation. Join in the drinking so you don't look like a stiff, but judge the tone carefully.

Mingle. Be sure to acknowledge all your co-workers, and especially your superiors and their associates as this will put you in good stead; the Christmas party is an excellent opportunity to cement relationships and to get known in a good way.

And practice listening; this is as important as the small talk. Even if there's someone you really don't like, like Steve from accounting, it's best to have a quick chat with them, and remember to use that winning smile.

Be tactful and careful about declaring your undying romantic intentions. It's that time of year. If you're having an office blowout and someone from HR is there, you may be tempted to make your move. This can go either way. Remember, you will have to see this person at work on Monday.

Think: Do I really fancy them? Do they like me? How much have I had to drink? Will I regret this in the morning? Be discreet. Your co-workers will gossip as soon as they see anything happen. Bear in mind the potential for claims of sexual harassment. - Online Sources

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