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9 Weird Things About Your Boobs That Are Totally Normal

Whether you were one of the first in your class to get boobs, or you're still waiting for yours to grow, it can be hard not to worry so...

Whether you were one of the first in your class to get boobs, or you're still waiting for yours to grow, it can be hard not to worry sometimes about how your chest measures up. 

You may not know how they're supposed to look, if your nipples should be dark or hairy, or if it's normal if your boobs feel a little lumpy. 

When it comes to your breasts here's what's normal — and what's not.

Hairy Nipples
Don't freak out if you find a few dark hairs around your nipples (or more than a few!). Almost everyone has some hairs around their nipples. 
Sore Breasts

Many girls grow wispy little hairs on their areolas (the darker circles around the nipples), and how many you have depends on your hormones and your genes. 

It's totally normal and nothing to be embarrassed about, but you can totally remove it if you want. Use tweezers to pluck it or you can cut it with a pair of nail scissors. 

While more likely than not, it's probably totally fine and just a part of growing up, if you have lots of hair around your nipples, it's possible that you could have a hormone imbalance, so talk to your doctor.

One Boob Larger Than Another
Having breasts (or nipples) that are two different sizes is actually totally normal, especially when you're still going through puberty.

The difference may seem more noticeable when your breasts first start developing, and breasts don't always develop at the same rate.
Always Call Your Doctor 

But don't stress.

Your boobs will eventually catch up to each other, although they probably won't ever be exactly identical. In the meantime, if there's a noticeable difference, you can buy a padded bra and take the padding out of one side. 

 If the difference is more than a cup size, see your doc to rule out a hormonal imbalance or other problem.

Large Nipples

Nipples come in all shapes and sizes. Every girl's nipples are different and all are normal. Because there's no standard size or shape, just accept—and learn to love—what you have.

Barely-there Boobs

Your breasts keep growing throughout your teens, and most girls don't reach their final cup size until around 17 or 18, and some girls continue to develop well into their 20s. 
Don't Stress About Your Breast Size

But don't stress to much about your size either way. Everyone's breasts are different, and having small boobs is awesome. Many of your your fave celebs are all about their small chests

Embrace what you have and don't waste time worrying about how your breasts measure up.

Your Boobs Get Sore Sometimes
When you're growing or your breasts swell during your period, your skin (and its nerves) stretch to make room for the extra fullness, which can make them ache like a sore muscle. 

The wave of hormones your brain releases just before and during your period can also make your breasts tender to the touch. And if your boobs are on the large side, they could be sore from rubbing against your clothing, especially if you play sports. 

This is totally normal. Try a cool compress to ease any discomfort. If the soreness doesn't go away after your period, or you experience sharp pains, talk to your doctor.
Lumps In Your Breasts 

Lumpy Boobs
You've probably heard that having a lump in your breast could mean you have breast cancer, but don't freak out if you feel a lump or multiple lumps. 

The truth is, most girls get lumps in their breasts occasionally due to hormonal fluctuations or natural changes in breast tissue. Cysts (which are fluid-filled sacs) are common too, and they usually come and go naturally. 

If, however, a lump hurts, makes your skin pucker, or won't go away, see your doctor. While breast cancer is rare in women under 30, it's better to have it checked out to be safe.

Dark Nipples
The ring of color around each of your nipples is called the areola. Some girls have dark nipples while others have skin-colored nipples, depending on your genes. On the same note, your nipples can be smooth or wrinkly or somewhere in between, and all are totally normal.
See Your Doctor If You Notice Changes On Your Nipples 

Inverted Nipples
Everyone's nipples are different, but if you want to get technical, there are actually four different kinds of nipples: normal (your nipples just stick out a few millimeters), flat (your nipples don't protrude at all).

And there is puffy (your nipples are flat except the areola is slightly raised), and inverted (your nipples turn inward). 

But if you notice any discharge or a change in your nipples, say one was once stuck out but now faces inward, you should see your doctor.

Bumps On Your Nipples
Those little bumps you see on your areolae? The bumps are just little glands that secrete oil to help keep your nipples from getting chapped when you're breastfeeding. - Online Sources 

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