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"I Love Drinking My Boyfriend's Blood": Vampire Woman

A self-confessed vampire girl claims she loves the "metallic taste, texture and look" of blood and gets off on feeding from her b...

A self-confessed vampire girl claims she loves the "metallic taste, texture and look" of blood and gets off on feeding from her boyfriend every week.

Georgina Condon, from Brisbane, Australia, consumes human blood directly from open wounds and said she finds the experience very "sensual".

The 38-year-old make-up artist's gruesome thirst started when she was a child, long before the days of films like Twilight.
Georgina Likes Blood From Open Wounds 

Georgina, who goes by the name of 'Goddess Ether' on Facebook, told how at the age of 12 she would pick scabs off her body to open cuts and suck her own blood.

She explained: "There is a science to it.

"It's like when you're hanging for a really good red steak."

When Georgina turned 17 she started going to Goth clubs and vampire balls and found her first female blood donor.

She told Mail Online: "It's not about the gore, it can be a very sensual thing, she enjoyed being drank from.

"I was getting off on the drinking and she was getting off being drank from."
Men Find Georgina Arousing That She Is A Vampire 

She revealed men found it arousing when they found out she was a vampire, but since meeting boyfriend Zameal at a Bloodlust Ball, she no longer feeds off other guys as he would deem it 'cheating'.

The couple have been together for two years and although Zameal admitted he had a fear of knives and needles, he soon agreed to be her blood donor.

She said: "He sacrifices to give me what I want from time to time.

"He believes in monogamy so it's a form of intimacy."

Georgina had a specialist fang-maker design her a set of pointy teeth, but she hopes to get veneers put in in the near future so her fangs can become functional.

She said the sharp teeth aren't "necessary" to her blood drinking, as she usually uses other instruments like razors to cut a wound and "let the blood flow".

She added: "But I am fascinated with that look, it's sexy."
Georgina Has Practiced Blood Sucking On Herself Before 

Georgina explained she has practised on herself so she knows how to avoid cutting an artery, but warned: "You have to be very careful, it can go deep very quickly."

When trying to explain where her vampire-tendencies stem from, she linked her craving for blood to her thalassemia, a condition which makes her anaemic and low in iron.

She also admitted she suffered from solar dermatitis for more than 20 years and abstains from going out in bright sunlight.

Georgina confessed she tried to keep her vampirism a secret as friends called her "weird" and people stopped her on the street to ask if she "liked garlic".

She said while she enjoys TV programmes like True Blood and Vampire Diaries, she feels they can often give a false impression on the true nature of being a vampire.

She explained: "I want to express it well, I don't want it to end up you sounding silly as people often get strange when I talk about it.

'It's not like in a movie, I don't hide in the shadows and jump out at people." - The Sun

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