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Zimbabwean Prophet: 'Encourages Prostitution Within Marriages'

Harare - Prophet Walter Magaya, the originator of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries has aroused more controversy, adding to his ...

Harare - Prophet Walter Magaya, the originator of Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries has aroused more controversy, adding to his well-documented dubious claims by saying "every wife must be a hooker in bed to keep their husbands".

The Prophet was speaking to women gathered for a Ladies Night at his church.

"S.ex is like a salary, everyone thinks it’s better elsewhere when in actual fact it is not. The reason why your husband has fallen for that other woman is not because she is better than you but because she is wiser than you.

She ensures that she treats him like a king. You should make your husband feel like he is the best. Never make him feel belittled. Every woman must be a prostitute in her bedroom."

The clergyman added, "Prostitutes walk naked unlike what you do. You need to understand the art that will bring him back home, be naked. You need to have wisdom of attracting the man back. Quit the habit of wearing jerseys to bed. 

You also have to dress up and apply your lotion in front of your husband not hiding like what you do. Men are attracted by the smallest things hence you need to be careful on how you handle him."
Prophet Walter Magaya During Deliverance
The ladies outing attracted multitudes of congregates from around the country.

"It is your duty to describe last night and exalt what he might have done well and forget about what he did wrong. You are not bringing him back to you, hence he eventually loses interest in you. 

He is living in a world full of pressure and all he wants from you is love of which love is not s.ex. S.ex is only a celebration of love. Prostitutes ensure they recall their clients’ names and that makes the clients to feel loved," observed Magaya. 

The philanthropist pastor has been taken to task after he said he 'gave money to prostitutes and that he assists them a lot.' His night vigil  was punctuated by deliverance as the norm. 

"Show your spouse that you care by caring a lot even on the smallest things that relate to him. Prostitutes register in men’s minds that they cannot do without them even if they are lying and that is what makes them loyal to them. 

Your problem is that you ask for money from your husband when what you should do is praise him and the money will come. Do not major on the monetary issues."

Of late, Zimbabwe has registered more divorces due to economic hardships and other social ills.

The sermon was concluded by prayer, as Prophet Magaya encouraged single women to remain faithful and not engage in sex before marriage. And that women must act to maintain their marriages intact. - Sources  

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