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"Zimbabwe Is Land Locked, Not God Locked" - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Harare - Christ Embassy originator, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome beter known as Pastor Chris has reiterated earlier prophecies released by many ...

Harare - Christ Embassy originator, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome beter known as Pastor Chris has reiterated earlier prophecies released by many prophets on Zimbabwe, saying that "Zimbabwe is a land locked country but not God locked" because it has abundant favour from the Almighty. 

The respected Nigerian clergyman noted this positive statement at an all-night vigil held on January 22 in South Africa at the 90 000-seater FNB stadium where thousands of people congregated.


“Zimbabwe, you are a miracle. You are a land locked country, but you are not God locked. God has heard your prayers, refuse to be poor. God said, you are a miracle. It’s your time!” declared Pastor Chris.
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Pastor Chris 

“Zimbabwe, I sent Pastor Ose, I was on your max; I sent Rev Tom, I was on set… Now God is about to say go, prepare, am coming.

“… Zimbabwe, your first is coming. I have messages for other countries, but Zimbabwe is a special country. God always speaks to nations through His prophets"

The servants of God mentioned have been prominent in God's Kingdom, adding that that this was the concluding event of the yearly Night of Bliss. 

“God said I should say, it’s my last time at Soccer City. And I will do one last Night of Bliss in South Africa, then I will not come for outreach. It’s settled here. Pastors are ready to run. We have penetrated South Africa. It’s time for others."
Prophet T. B. Joshua

In July 2015, prophecies attributed to Pastor Chris highlighted a positive future for Harare, which has been weighed down by economic downturn spanning over a decade, which many financial experts attributed to mismanagement and leadership crisis. 

"Then the Lord turned my spirit to see Zimbabwe, you are going through some difficulties at this time. Hear me and hear me well. The problem of Zimbabwe is not political, this is what the Holy Spirit said to me. 

The problem is not political and will never be solved politically. The problem has nothing to do with leadership and will never be solved by change of leadership. The problem is in one word as the Spirit of God said to me idolatry." 
Apostle Pride Sibiya

Contrary to prominent hypothesis, Pastor Chris said, "Idolatry is what has brought the country to where it is today, this financial strangulation. And you who are listening to me today in Zimbabwe, you have the solution. 

You can change things and you will change things because God has given you what you require."

At the onset of 2016, prominent servants of God focused a better Zimbabwe, among them Prophet T. B. Joshua, Walter Magaya, Apostle Pride Sibiya (removal of sanctions) and Prophet Blessing Chiza. 

Christ Embassy commands a sizable following within Zimbabwe and South Africa.

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