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At Last, We Reveal 10 Causes Of Cancer You Use In Your Home, Daily

These are the ten causes of cancer that are kept in secret so the pharmaceutical industry can make profit from this illness, accordin...

These are the ten causes of cancer that are kept in secret so the pharmaceutical industry can make profit from this illness, according to the alternative web pages.

Hormones in meat and milk
Most of the domestic animals are fed with artificial hormones, in order to increase the production of milk and meat. The artificial hormones induce inflammations, cancer and other diseases.
Mammography, dental X-rays, scanners at the airport:

Did the mammography technician forget to tell you to pass the protective switches across your chests before he ran out the office? Yes, we are talking about the deadly rays that cause cancer, and you came in order to prevent it or react on time.
Beware Of Deodorants And Antiperspirants That You Use

Aluminum in deodorants and antiperspirants
Most of the breast cancers occur in the upper quadrant, near the armpit, right where we apply deodorants filled with aluminum. Use some homemade or organic deodorants.
Toxic cosmetics

The skin is our largest organ, and we still treat it with a preparative or decorative cosmetics that are full with petroleum and coal tar. These toxic substances are traveling without any problem through the skin in the bloodstream and in that way make a fertile ground for cancer cells. Start using organic or homemade cosmetics and repair the damage.

GMO soy and corn
Most of the soy that you can buy in America is genetically modified, and if you are fan, for example, of soy milk, switch to another one because… Soy milk contains hemagglutinin, an ingredient that converts the red corpuscles into clots. The soy also increases the estrogen. Buy some organic milk, no matter what type do you prefer (cow, rice milk…).

Artificial sweeteners
Refined sugar is a danger because not only is it typically GMO because it’s genetically modified sugar beets, but it rapidly spikes insulin levels. Fructose, the type of sugar found in soda, is a serious cancer culprit as well. It contains caramel color, a known carcinogen. Soda acidifies the body, which in turn causes cancer cells to multiply. Skip the sodas altogether limited your intake of refined sugars.
Range Of Caned Foods

Fluoridated water
No, this is not a mineral found in the nature or purified water passing through the pipes. The fluoride is actually polluting the water and washes the minerals from our body and it that way weakens the immune system. Drink spring water.

Drugs, vaccines
Look for a doctor that you can trust to, who will give you advice about a lifestyle and nutrition as prevention of cancer. Stay away from “drugs” from the Big Pharma sound names with the same aim to make profit and that you disease is of great interest.

Canned Goods
Most cans are lined with a product called bisphenol-A (BPA), which has been shown to genetically alter the brain cells of rats. Many plastic goods, thermal paper, water lines, and many dental composites also contain BPA.

Commercial soaps, shampoos, tooth pastes, creams
Again, the things that are applied to the skin, hair or teeth end in your bloodstream. Perfumes, colors, animal by-products and the other suspicious substances can cause cancer. Do it yourself or buy organic and natural cosmetics. There is a saying “If you would not eat it, do not use it on your skin.” - Online Sources

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