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"Every Act Performed Out Of Faith And Belief Will Surely Succeed"

I met a businessman over lunch this other day. In the course of our conversation, I realised that he was into printing, marketing, real est...

I met a businessman over lunch this other day. In the course of our conversation, I realised that he was into printing, marketing, real estate and agriculture.

Wow! I was impressed. Being disposed to be inquisitive and curious, I asked, "so tell me, how did you manage to venture into all these activities, what prompted you to start?"

By Ozias Mucheriwa
His response got my mind racing. "It is the fear of poverty that drives some of us" he responded. "I am afraid of losing money and having money," he said.
Mike Tyson Was An Aggressive Boxer 

That response placed me on a journey of introspection. "What is the motive behind my work?" What is the driving force behind what I do?" What are the results of the actions that are derived from certain motives?

I started to think about people whose actions were driven by fear and Mike Tyson came to my mind. Mike Tyson has been known for being aggressive on and outside the boxing ring, but not many people have come to realize that his aggressiveness emanated from his fear.

Mike Tyson grew up being subjected to bullying by the older boys in Brooklyn and he was too afraid to retaliate. When he later learnt how to fight he vowed never to return to that vulnerable state again. In and out of the ring, Tyson was afraid.

He was afraid of being beaten and losing. The ultimate state of his professional life can arguably be ascribed more to this fear-driven life that to the intractability of nature.
The Streets Of Brooklyn 

Since time immemorial, the secret of success was and will always be faith. Any act that emanates from fear will ultimately result in failure. Every act performed out of faith and a firm belief in its success will surely succeed.

When you perform an act your attention will always be focused on your motivation. If your motivation is faith and the desire to succeed that is where your attention will be all the time and that is what you will eventually see.

You cannot be guaranteed that challenges and discouragement will not come your way but if you're motivated by faith and a firm belief in your success you will not be disappointed. On the other spectrum, if your motivation is fear you will always focus on losing and as surely as rain falls when two clouds collide, you will not fear in vain - failure will be your reward.

Look at the source of your motivation in your studies, your relationships, on your job and business to see if it is not the fear of losing that drives you. Should that be the case alter that thought process and focus on excelling in your studies, job and business.

See and act like a successful contributor to your organisation.
See And Act Like A Successful Contributor To Your Organisation 

Every business owner is not entirely certain of the outcome of their business ventures. All of us do not know what tomorrow holds hence there is an element of uncertainty in us. However, when we act as if we are sure that we will be there tomorrow and that act of faith sustains us. The same principle ought to be applied in our lives.

In the parable of the talents there were three servants who all received capital. Two servants yielded hundred percent of the initial capital. Remember they were not certain of the returns, which means there was an element of uncertainty but they acted in the face of the uncertainty with faith.

The other one with one talent sacrificed the noblest parts of his humanity on the altar of fear and was labelled "wicked and slothful servant."

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