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Hell Inside Church As ‘Prophet’ Turns Church Into A Beerhall

Harare – Another Sunday service – and yet another controversial prophet pops up, this times asking alcoholics and drug addicts to partake i...

Harare – Another Sunday service – and yet another controversial prophet pops up, this times asking alcoholics and drug addicts to partake in drinking and smoking in church while he lay hands on them to deliver them from the vice.

Prophet Lazarus Mashavave, leader and originator of Life Giving Sprit International (LGMI) told The Sunday Mail Religion that the move would demonstrate his miraculous deliverance powers and help him deliver the addicts.

As congregants were smoking and drinking, Prophet Mashaire was laying hands on them and declaring them free. This stunning departure from the norm have since stirred debate in the Christian community with some saying modern prophets are taking their spiritual demonstrations and miracles too far. 
Is Drinking Allowed In Church? 

Biblically, men of the cloth have stood against the principal of taking alcohol and other drugs. The move left many questioning the sincerity of the church demonstration. Attendants at Prophet Lazarus Mashavave’s church in Harare professed to have been delivered of their addictions.

Some congregants at the church were less convinced of their sincerity suspecting that the act had been stage managed. “Wangu this world is coming to an end,” said one observer. Another lady said the demonstration was not necessary.

“I do not doubt that God can do anything, but these demonstrations are way off the mark, why can’t he just pray for them without asking them to drink and smoke?”

On the day in question, Prophet Mashaire proclaimed that he has powers to deliver alcoholics and drug addicts. Soon after his proclamation, several men and women thronged the pulpit seeking deliverance.

Prophet Mashaire subsequently ordered those who had come to the altar to drink alcohol and smoke their cigarettes. Instantly, the church went into hullabaloo as followers started drinking and smoking.

What was not clear was why the congregants had brought the alcohol and cigarretes to church. In a few minutes, they were complaining that their cigarettes and beer had lost taste. 

An elderly man only identified as Mukoma Solomon was the first to testify that his cigarette has lost its original taste. “This is not the Madison that I have been taking, it has changed,” he said.
'Prophet' Allows Smoking In Church 

Prophet Mashaire ordered him to another one and try again. ln his second attempt, Mukoma Solomon said he could no longer smoke. LGMI congregates described their leader as a serial healer, seer and deliverer.

“My brother there is absolutely nothing he cannot solve, he walks hand in hand with God. There is nothing wrong with what he did, it’s only that you don’t know him. God is about to open a new dispensation using Prophet Mashaire,” said Tapiwa Ngwenya.

Life Giving Spirit International (LGMI) was founded in 2012. While the proliferation of dubious prophets have risen in recent months. Prophet Lazarus Mashaire claims he draws his inspiration from United Family International Church leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, his spiritual father. – Sunday Mail/Online Sources

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