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Match-fixing Rot: Who Shall Castrate These Persistent Felons?

Harare – As a kid, my father carried me to watch his favourite football team. I recall Dynamos dating Black Rhinos at Rufaro stadium. By t...

Harare – As a kid, my father carried me to watch his favourite football team. I recall Dynamos dating Black Rhinos at Rufaro stadium.


The engagement was competitive but friendly – the atmosphere appealed to families.

As I write, football, the world’s supreme sport is under siege, again. This time with culprits based in South Africa fronted by Asian football scam honcho Wilson Raj Perumal.

A former jailbird in Britain for parallel offences, he soon embarked on his nauseating motives upon release.
Sep Blatter Was Also Fingered In Football Scandal 

His supposed accomplices sucked in former ZIFA executive Henrietta Rushwaya, Ian Gorowa, former Warriors coach and current executive Edzai Kasinauyo plus a host of willing collaborators.

Does this mean internal interference is now rampart in our sport? The corruption has slurped South African football administrators. Within FIFA ranks, this corrosion has drowned Sep Blatter and his confidante.

And here is the enigma.

“There is no law that covers such a scam. Charges that would or probably be taken against the suspects can be fraud although with this charge, they could walk free.”

The Ministry of Sport and Recreation interjected saying they would craft legislation to combat the scam to make them punishable by law.

“Following the Sport and Recreation Commission inquiry into the state of football in Zimbabwe, Government has noted with great concern, the lack of accountability, non-compliance and lack of good governance characterising the football architecture in Zimbabwe.”
Former Liverpool Goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar 

Sadly, this has been perpetual. Match-fixing is ancient. And the authorities have finally seen the light.

“The cancer of corruption traverses all sections of the football fraternity thereby crippling the optimal development of football in Zimbabwe.

“It is, therefore, Government’s intention to deal with the cancer of corruption in football and other sport codes, by including, but not limited to, the introduction of legislation on match-fixing as well as doping,” the statement added.

How I wish my father was still existing.

According to data gathered, $400 000 was deposited into a South African bank account to facilitate match-fixing in southern Africa alone – meaning crime rewards more than competence.
"I Dont Play For Peanuts": Mosses Chunga 

No wonder why former Dynamos great Moses Chunga once indicated: “I don’t play for peanuts.”

I was young then – but I still recall that testimonial rubbishing local football. His ‘prophecy’ was accurate. Today, our sporting greats that illuminated stadiums live in abject poverty.

Modern players face similar predicament. Faithfull supporters are taken for a ride. And our efforts to defeat the decay might take eternity.

University of Pretoria goalie George Chigova and his teammate Lebogang Motumi were purportedly rewarded with a $25 000 bounty to dictate the outcome of a match.

At one stage, Dynamos players led by Desmond Maringwa confronted cashiers after a match demanding their remuneration after the club had failed to pay them.

Contrary, there is easy money to be made out there, provide you interact with the right people.
Daynamos Entertain Highlanders At Rufaro Stadium In Harare 

“I understand that ‘Chief’ is closely related to Raj Perumal. During the course of that meeting Rushwaya explained to me that she wanted to start a sports betting business… She offered me US$2 000 and I made an undertaking to accept her offer of employment.”

However, association with people can be abused. Rushwaya now claims to be working for the good of the sport as an ‘undercover investigator’.

What a sassy declaration? With such characters fronting our soccer – we still wonder why our soccer is stagnant.

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