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Zimbabwe 2018 Elections: ‘It’s Zanu-PF Versus Zanu-PF’

Harare – The political landscape in Zimbabwe has somersaulted – tectonic plates are drifting in diverse directions . Joice Mujuru , an orig...

Harare – The political landscape in Zimbabwe has somersaulted – tectonic plates are drifting in diverse directions. Joice Mujuru, an originally sworn Zanu-PF steward is now officially an opposition leader.

By Derick Matsengarwodzi 

After three decades within the ruling party annexes, few projected her to endure politically outside the confines of the party that nurtured her.

Not until, she was indicted for ‘witchcraft, corruption and assassination plot’ – three charges she utterly denied during the launch of her latest opposition political party – Zimbabwe People First.
Joice Mujuru And President Robert Mugabe During Happier Days 

“I am neither a witch nor an assassin. I don’t believe in talking about other people’s characters I am not God. Now more than 18 months since allegations were levelled against me no docket has been brought forward I don’t know what that means to you.”

‘No tainted motives’
Mujuru, many trust still harbour Zanu-PF traits, though she swears she was rehabilitated.

“On those who say I was in Zanu-PF. We are a new entity with new values and followers from every political party. We are not a one woman’s party we don’t have one centre of power. I have known only one political party and now I am outside and I will not go back.”

However, many remain cynical – and rightfully so. A glimpse at the ZPF line-up confirms people’s resonant fears.

Didymus Mutasa, the ex-intelligence minister to Rugare Gumbo, the famed party spokesperson. The duo, regarded as founding fathers of ZPF have lasting links to the ruling party.

Marching from the barracks are retired Colonel Claudius Makova and Lieutenant Colonel Kudzai Mbudzi. Both have lined up to salute Mujuru. Dzikamai Mavhaire was booted out twice – and once, he was readmitted into the party ranks.

Then Bright Matonga, the former party spin doctor who has abruptly turned against his paymaster that plucked him from Britain and awarded him recognition.

Grand coalition cometh

Reports indicate that the new party is making inroads into rural homelands – the ruling party stronghold.

Zimbabwe formal opposition, however claims it is not stirred with the Mujuru’s fast-track strides.

“We don’t feel threatened. Mujuru is actually a threat to Zanu-PF because she will split it into halves,” Obert Gutu, MDC-T spokesperson added, “they should actually be the one to panic not us. How can she be our enemy, in fact we welcome her.”

With an avalanche of Zanu-PF members dumped and ready to pounce on available openings, ZPF has a deep pit of disgruntled membership to exhume sympathisers from.

In a bid to test the political waters, ZPF held their first rally recently. Before the rally got underway, ‘unidentified’ assailants according to state media disrupted the rally.

“Four of our supporters were injured after they were attacked by Zanu-PF youths from Mbare. One of our members Jim Kunaka (former Zanu-PF youth official) identified some of the attackers…,” a ZPF speaker said.

Is this a reproduction of the wave of violence that headlined other plebiscite processes within Zimbabwe, wonders?

Unfazed or ignorant?
“The hype by the private media on the recent launch of ZPF party by its interim president Dr Joice Mujuru is not surprising. He who pays the piper, plays the tune.

“The private press can continue with their propaganda – this does not help the people. Zanu-PF has a clear destination and a clear mandate,” noted spokesperson Ambassador Khaya Moyo.

With unconfirmed reports that some ruling party members are waiting for the opportune moment to partner Mujuru – the above account may be abortive. The underlying notion is that some are destroying the party from within – just like a worm acts on a fruit.

A recent threesome tirade between Jonathan Moyo, suspended Christopher Mutsvangwa and George Charamba is an exceptional case study. Warring factions undressed each other to the merriment of social media admirers.

As 2018 elections approaches, spectators presume a skintight duel from opponents, all with uniform personas – Zanu-PF blood flowing within them.

Political analyst Dr Ibbo Mandaza had no generous predictions for Zanu-PF, according to a weekly publication.

“We have always predicted that the party and government is conflicted. Any split in the party translates to a split in government. That’s what is manifesting now.” - 

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