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Celebrity Infidelity: Iggy Azalea, Nick Young Cheating Scandal, More Details Emerge

As Iggy Azalea put it on Wednesday, March 30, “nothing is black and white in life.” But one thing that is for sure, things got really messy...

As Iggy Azalea put it on Wednesday, March 30, “nothing is black and white in life.” But one thing that is for sure, things got really messy that day when  a video of Azalea's fiance, Nick Young, allegedly admitting to cheating on the “Fancy” singer leaked online. 

Here’s everything we know so far about the scandal.

On Wednesday, a video that Young’s Lakers teammate D’Angelo Russell allegedly secretly taped gained attention online. The leaked video was posted to YouTube on March 24. In it, Young can be heard detailing his various sexcapades. At one point, Russell asks Young, “You was 30, she was 19? What about Amber Rose, you ain't never tried?"

"No, she knows my girl,” Young replied. Azalea addressed the video on Twitter, seemingly giving her fiancé’s teammate a shout-out for the heads-up. “Hmmm i see D Angelo Russell is trending... I actually liked his film. Thanks bro.”
Happier Days: Iggy Azalea And Nick Young 

Although it’s unclear who or how the video got leaked, there was clearly tension in the locker room and on the court between the two teammates Wednesday night. "It's bad," an insider told ESPN of the tension between Young and Russell. "It's about as bad as it can get. There were trust issues already. Now there's no trust."

During the game Wednesday night, Russell could be heard getting booed by fans. During a post-game interview, Young broke his silence on the drama and vaguely addressed the situation. "I think it’s best me and D’Angelo handle our situation in a private manner," the pro baller told reporters. "It’s something we need to talk about. What happened is what happened. We’ve got to work on it."

Russell also addressed the video, telling The Vertical on Wednesday: "I am sick. I am sorry about recording the video. I can't repeat myself enough on that: I am sorry I recorded that video. I feel horrible. I wish this never happened."

As for Azalea, she blew off steam on Wednesday by going for a horseback ride, but also seems to be trying to get the story straight. “What's up with you and nick now..,” a fan asked the “Team” singer on Wednesday.

“Nothing really. Im chillin for now,” she replied. - Online Sources 

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