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Hotel Drama: Jilted Woman Poops in Hotel Bed as Lover Leaves her Stranded

Residents of West Yimbo location in Siaya County are still reeling from shock after they experienced an off-the-wall incident that resulted...

Residents of West Yimbo location in Siaya County are still reeling from shock after they experienced an off-the-wall incident that resulted from the fury of a scorned lover.

The unidentified jilted woman left locals in stitches after it was discovered that she relieved herself in the bedding of a lodging after her secret lover, a popular fisherman in the area, short-changed and left her stranded at the facility.

The fisherman surnamed Okoth and well-known in the locale for his randy romps, had duped the woman into paying the lodging fee, promising to refund her. He, however, vanished in thin air after the amorous congress, leaving the woman stranded.
"Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned" 

But in a strange turn of events, the furious woman decided to turn tables on him in style. In a fit of rage, she peed and defecated in the bedding to get back at his lover. She knew the workers at the lodging know him very well, judging by the tête-à-tête he had had with them while checking in.

It is believed the woman expressed her displeasure in that odd fashion after Okoth, who is said to be a married man, left for his house at crack of dawn to allegedly collect his wallet, promising to return to pay up the debt and see her off.

While confirming the incident to reporters, an attendant at the guesthouse (name withheld) said the duo booked a room at around 8pm and spent the night together. The woman is believed to have left unnoticed. When the attendants went to clear the room, they were met with a fetid of human waste and urine wafting out of it.

Okoth was, however, left with egg on his face after the attendants, traced and summoned him. Upon breaking the scandalous news to him, he was left with egg on his face and tried to buy their silence by complying with their demands – buying them new bed sheets!

“The man left at around 6am and told us that the woman who had remained in the room and was to leave later. We, however, were shocked when we went to check why the woman had taken too long to ckeck out for us to clear the room,” said one of the attendants.

“The woman had defecated on the bedding,” she added. In confessions to the attendants, Okoth had allegedly requested the woman to pay for the room, claiming he had left home in a hurry that day and forgotten his wallet. He had promised to refund her the following day.

Unfortunately, this did not happen as Okoth vanished, leaving the woman stranded in the room, with his phone conveniently switched off.

She told Crazy Monday: “We couldn’t bear the stench and we decided to call the man to clear the mess.” When he came, he pleaded with the attendants not to expose that matter, saying, besides putting his marriage in jeopardy, the matter would taint his image in the area.

The man was therefore ordered to pay for the damage, failure to which the attendants threatened to disclose the matter to his friends and family. Despite all, the details of the disgraceful act leaked to locals and Okoth is now a laughing stock in the area. - Online 

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