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Medical Horror: Boy Manhood Mutilated in Operation

In a bid to ensure her son's health, a 26-year-old mother from northern KwaZulu-Natal may not see her grandchildren because his manhood...

In a bid to ensure her son's health, a 26-year-old mother from northern KwaZulu-Natal may not see her grandchildren because his manhood has been ruined during a botched exercise. 

The nine-year-old boy was left with the head of his penis cut off and stitches on the unhealed wound after a botched medical circumcision. The devastated mum said her boy went for the procedure with a group of other boys from his school last month.

“He was brought back at night in a department of health vehicle. His penis was bandaged and nobody explained anything to me. The following morning a man from the department came and said he was taking my son to Grey’s Hospital in Pietermaritzburg. I thought it was all just part of the procedure,” she said.
Traditional Male Circumcision Ceremony 

When the boy returned from hospital and his bandage was removed, the mum discovered the head of his penis had been cut off.

“He could hardly urinate, and when he did, it was mostly blood coming out. I took him to Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital in Durban and the doctors told me he would have to undergo surgery. They made it clear this would only be to help him urinate as his manhood has been permanently damaged.

The woman is angry that her son will not have kids and is in serious pain. She said she wanted the health department to investigate and the doctor responsible to face justice. Health spokesman Agiza Hlongwane said he had not received feedback from Inkosi Albert Luthuli Hospital.

Despite the botched procedure, circumcision has its own proven advantages:
  • Circumcision does not affect male s.exual drive or functioning
  • When a guy is not circumcised, moisture can get trapped between his penis and the foreskin, which creating an ideal environment for bacteria and a higher risk of infection 
  • Removing the foreskin gets rid of the wet, warm and dark environment that can sustain viruses such as HIV and other sexually transmitted infections e.g syphilis and herpes 
  • Being circumcised reduces your female partner’s risk of cervical cancer
  • By getting circumcised, you not only reduce your own HIV and STI risk, but your partner’s too
  • Circumcision simplifies the task of keeping the penis clean and keeps you fresher, giving you more confidence
  • Some women prefer circumcised penises due to personal preference. - Sources 

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