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No Thanks: Sir Wicknell Chivayo not Paying Seh Calaz $20K for Praise Song

Harare - Motormouth businessman, Wicknell Chivayo is in the limelight again, this time sucking in Zimbabwe dancehall chanter Seh Calaz, aft...

Harare - Motormouth businessman, Wicknell Chivayo is in the limelight again, this time sucking in Zimbabwe dancehall chanter Seh Calaz, after the hefty mogul announced that he will not give the singer a penny for his solo efforts to compose a song laden with praise for Chivayo in a bid to solicit a handsome reward.  

Titled Siyana Navo, the song, a response to newspaper articles written about Wicknell’s failure to pay Warriors coach – Callisto Pasuwa was released last week. Among other praises, Seh Calaz describes Wicknell as Zimbabwe’s knight in shining armour while dissing journalists who the musician says are broke.

After the song’s release, leaked chats of a conversation alleged to be between Chivayo and Seh Calaz circulated where the latter was claiming payment of $20,000 for the song.

However, the singer's spokesperson quickly denounced the idea.
Wicknell Chivayo Dines with the First Family 

Seh Calaz publicist who had spoken to Ruvheneko earlier on however said they recorded the song in good faith. “Our motivation is in sharp contrast to the popularly held view that we’re looking for a fat cheque. Seh Calaz was simply encouraging people to appreciate others when they do good.

“He felt that the negative hulabaloo about his work with the Warriors was totally uncalled for and people seem bent on tarnishing his image. Seh Calaz has done songs for other people like Souljah Love before this song so Siyana Navo falls along the same lines.”

Speaking to ZiFM Stereo’s Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa during The Platform last night, Chivayo quashed claims he had promised to pay Seh Calaz to record the song. “Those chats weren’t mine. If you know any of my numbers, you’d know that profile picture is not on any of my Whatsapp platforms.

“After I gave Pasuwa money, a Whatsapp message started circulating saying let’s forward this message to Sir Wicknell to say thank you because after paying Pasuwa his salary, he then donated $20,000 to Seh Calaz saying thank you. Already that was false because I’ve never spoken to Seh Calaz, I don’t even have his number,” said Chivayo.

Ruvheneko however suggested that Wicknell could have at least thanked Seh Calaz for his effort.

Wicknell responded: “The same people who created that message I suppose are the same people that are now creating the Whatsapp screenshots so that I can come out and say I’ve got $20,000, let’s have a press conference. Seh Calaz come, then I’m seen handing over $20,000. I don’t give in to such childish pressure. I’d have said thank you to Seh Calaz, it was a nice song, but they’ve just messed it up.”

Wicknell also used The Platform to rebuke claims that he was too busy to get married saying he was in the process to convince a certain lady to marry him.

“I was misquoted. I’m out there trying to beg a woman to get married to me and a headline says I’m too busy to get married. Who wouldn’t want to get married and have children? I’m in a relationship and am officially off the market.”

The businessman who refused to divulge his net worth said though he is very generous, he dislikes people who nag him for money.

“It gets frustrating when people have proposals and want you to fund them always. I’m just about to change all my five numbers because every five minutes it’s a call and everybody thinks I’ve a trillion dollars that I’m distributing.” -

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