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Annointed Family: Prophet Walter Magaya ‘Transfers’ Power to Wife

Is it automatic that when a woman is married to a prophet, she becomes a prophetess - does  marriage make a prophet’s wife a prophetess th...

Is it automatic that when a woman is married to a prophet, she becomes a prophetess - does marriage make a prophet’s wife a prophetess the same way it makes a president’s wife first lady?

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder Prophet Walter Magaya’s wife Tendai Magaya left church members bemused after exhibiting – for the first time ever – prophetic skills.

In typical Prophet Magaya routine, Mai Magaya entered the church service for visitors, went to the pulpit, knelt down and gave thanks to God and started praying for the congregation.
Mgaya's Wife Now a Prophetess

Men, women and children fell to the ground as they manifested spirits of demons leaving the church to believe that the spirit of prophecy could have rubbed on to Mai Magaya. One of the visitors from Malawi Peter Nyirenda told reporters that Mai Magaya stunned her by the demonstration of prophetic powers given her background and character.

“I looked in disbelief to witness people manifesting demons and the sick testifying that they have been healed and this was her first time to move in that spirit,” said Nyirenda.

Mai Magaya has all along sitting in the church as one of the members and seen kneeling down before Prophet Magaya like any other member to receive a blessing. Asked if she was now a prophetess, Mai Magaya said that she was as well shocked to witness people testifying that they received healing during her prayers.

“Honestly speaking I am still to understand what exactly transpired on the day in question after Prophet Magaya assigned me to lead the church with prayers as we celebrated ‘Mother’s Day’ and what happened after I led the prayers I am shocked by the testimonies we are receiving,” said Mai Magaya.

Mai Magaya’s rise from being an ordinary church member to have prophetic powers left more questions than answers amongst people as they wanted to know if it is biblical that a Prophet’s wife automatically becomes a prophetess.

Mai Magaya has no history of praying for people only to accompany Prophet Magaya in distributing food hampers to the needy and traceable history is that she was working at Stanbik bank as Tendai Katsiga before she got married to Prophet Magaya.

H-Metro sought comment from Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe secretary general and lecturer at Living Waters Bible College, Reverent Amon Madawo who reiterated that a calling from God places prophets into the office.

“In the Bible we do not have evidence that a Prophet’s wife will automatically become a Prophetess,” said Rev Madawo. We read about many prophets in the Bible, like Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and many others but no record of their wives being called prophetesses.

“In the Bible we read about prophetess Deborah, nothing is written about her husband and that shows the office of a prophet is a calling and has nothing to do with your spouse. Your spouse has to be called by God into the ministry not because she is your wife or he is your husband.

“People who claim to be prophetesses by the virtue of their husbands being prophets say it is through impartation but that impartation is being taken out of context,” said Rev Madawo.

Bishop Stephen Mangwanya of New United Apostolic Church and Bishop Albert Chikuni of Family Life Ministries International said one does not automatically become a prophetess because of her husband being a prophet.

“In the Bible we read about the sending by Jesus Christ the seventy to preach and heal the sick and those who were sent came back with reports of witnessing miracles as they carried the task,” said Bishop Mangwanya.

“The sent had been given a portion of the Holy Spirit to demonstrate power and take note this was before Pentecost where many received Holy Spirit. If there are women prophesying it might be through impartation or they are spiritually positioned to be used by God since labourers are few in the God’s field.

“It is not automatic but it has more to do with the calling and correcting positioning self in order to hear God,” said Bishop Mangwanya. - H Metro

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