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Anxious Lover: 10 Signs He's Insecure about Your Ex

So you caught your S.O. secretly scrolling through your past lover’s feed on Instagram or Facebook - forgive and forget - but once you see ...

So you caught your S.O. secretly scrolling through your past lover’s feed on Instagram or Facebook - forgive and forget - but once you see him doing it again, it’s clear that he’s searching for flaws in your ex's constant shirtless posts at the beach. 

What’s worse is when he announces it as news he thinks you’d still care about. “Look at your douche-face ex, showing off his #beastmode abs for the world to see! What a loser!” 

Who’s more of a loser: the guy working out and sharing it on the web or the dude hating on another dude with passion?
Insecure Ex Might be Dangerous 

Things get awkward when you guys bump into your ex
Whether it’s at a party or some random bar, your boyfriend decides to turn every social situation involving your ex into a pissing contest, embarrassing you in front of friends and colleagues.

He constantly asks about your past
With (insert ex’s name) here, specifically. Questions like “Did your parents approve of him back then?” quickly escalate into cringe-inducing queries like, “So was he good in bed?”

Next time, maybe you should answer just to shut him up.

He mimics your ex's style
When your boyfriend picks you up for dinner, you give him a good stare down, overwhelmed by this eerie feeling that you’ve seen that outfit, haircut, and misplaced swagger before. You have.

And he just doesn’t understand you don’t want all of that anymore.

He gets really competitive
If your ex gave you a bouquet of flowers, he’ll give you two-dozen. If your ex was fond of movie dates, he’ll take you to the theater for a play or three. If your ex took you ziplining, he’ll take you bungee jumping. 

Don’t let the overcompensation fool you.

He doesn’t allow you to attend get-togethers where your ex might be
You: Hun, is it okay if I go to our batch reunion tonight?

Him: Is Mr. X gonna be there?

You: I’m not sure, but he might..

He insists you still have feelings for your ex
Despite you clearly stating that you have zero emotions for the man who crushed your heart, he can’t stop maintaining his stand that you’re still in love with your ex. Tell him that the more he keeps pushing you back to your ex, the more likely it is to happen.

He goes through your phone
He pulls ninja moves where, in an attempt to uncover (imagined) text messages, emails, and recent chat windows with the former flame, he pretends to borrow your phone to log on to his IG account.

He forbids you from seeing anyone even remotely related to your ex
You know things are out of hand when your close friends (who just happen to know your ex-boyfriend) start wondering why you never hang out with them anymore and refuse to return their calls.

And flake on set plans every chance you get. When they hear that your current beau is the reason, they just roll their eyes in an effort to tell you, “Well, we told you so.”

He threatens your ex every chance he gets
Ever wished the ground would open up and swallow you whole every time you received a screen-cap from your ex, because your current boyfriend has been sending him weird threats on Facebook? - Online Sources 

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