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Bedroom Techniques: 10 Things Guys Need to Stop Doing in Bed

I'm not saying there aren't some women who like nipple-twisting, but that's definitely an 'ask first' situation - other...

I'm not saying there aren't some women who like nipple-twisting, but that's definitely an 'ask first' situation - otherwise it just seems like they think you're oven nobs and they're not sure what temperature they should pre-heat you to.

Ignore foreplay all together 
The idea that fo.replay is just something you do when you're lying in a bed at a beach-front condo with rose petals lining the bed is BS. Fo.replay should happen every time. How is that hard to understand?

Initiate some kinky stuff without asking first
It can be super scary when a guy tries being dominant or aggressive in bed when you haven't expressly said, 'Pin my hands behind my head' before he did it. Not asking before doing these potentially super terrifying things is so stupid it hurts.
What Are Doing Wrong in Bed? 

Whine about using a co.ndom
Dude, you're not 13-years-old. You've completed several years of college and you know about the risks for STIs and pregnancy. Get over the fact that it 'just feels better without it.'

Assume you don't want to have sex because you have your period
I'm not sure where guys got this idea that we don't ever want to have se.x when we have our period, but when we're fooling around and we say, "Oh by the way, I'm on my period," it's just a heads up. It doesn't necessarily mean, "and get away from me because that's gross."

If it's OK with you, odds are it's OK with us.

Act like penetration alone is supposed to feel amazing
Have you read literally any article about sex from the last five years? This is not 1981 and we now thankfully know that most women need some form of cl.itoral stimulation to have an orgasm, so please stop expecting us to be impressed with your thrusting alone.

Treat cunnilingus like it's just foreplay for pe.netration
You do know that some people just go down on their girlfriends until they orgasm and that's a full and complete se.x act, right? It is.

Knead your b.oobs like dough
I swear guys who do this have never touched boobs before in their life because if you had, surely some woman has said, 'Ow, what?' when you did that, right?

Assume you finished because he did
Yes, because deep inside your pe.nis is a mechanism that makes it so that when you have an orgasm the whole world has one, right? 

Ask for a blow job but refuse to go down on you
There's literally no difference between asking us to go down on you, but not wanting to go down on us and doing that makes you a horrible person. - Online Sources 

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