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Flying High: Quail Birds Farming, Memes Ignites Social Media Frenzy

Harare – In the wilderness, quail birds are notorious for wantonly consuming farm produce – causing a bother to farmers – but that confr...

Harare – In the wilderness, quail birds are notorious for wantonly consuming farm produce – causing a bother to farmers – but that confrontation ends there.

The hostility is now replaced by an economic frenzy ignited by a ‘finding’ that quails; now domesticated birds possess infinite nutritional value.


China and Japan pioneered the 'taming' – now its Zimbabwe’s turn. With such vital evidence, some farmers diversified into the lucrative trade.

Quail benefits
Top notch hotels in Harare admit the dish is now popular on their menu.
A Quail Bird Social Media Fever Has Gripped Zimbabwe 

“Health-conscious guests are shunning non-organic foods in favour of highly nutritious and natural meats. It is believed that quails can treat over 30 ailments including insomnia, nervous system disorders and cancer.

Quail will certainly be a hot dish in the near future and those who are into quail farming will realise good returns.”

Researchers say, “Quail eggs are packed with vitamins and minerals. Their nutritional value is greater than chicken eggs – they contain 13 percent proteins compared to 11 percent in chicken eggs.”

Trending memes
Recently, Harare authorities temporarily banned quail agribusiness – but the move was belated considering that many households were in full throttle.

The Environment minister flew into the controversy announcing.

“Those crooks are selling a bird at a high price of $6 lying to our people that it will cure their diseases. That is false and people should not be fleeced.”

Thereafter, the ‘magical bird’ subsequently went viral.

'Quail everything' 
Scooping on the media hype, dancehall singers intercepted the trend, penning rhymes to match the demand. Some ‘extremists’ even dared ‘to superimpose' the Zimbabwe bird on the national flag with a quail.
Dynamites in Small Packages: Quail Birds Meat Can 'Treat Over 30 Diseases' 

Graphic designers hinged on the bandwagon with tons of re-engineered famous brands making new statements on various social media platforms. Notable brands targeted for alteration were beer, fast-food chains among others.

A meme that amused many captured a policeman hawking quail eggs at a roadblock – while disregarding his principal duties.

Untapped avenues 
Remarking on the social media fever, communication devotee, Derick Matsengarwodzi said, “This trend reveals how the world and particularly Africa is becoming information conscious. Today, nobody can solely claim to be an information authority.

Also, brands must adapt to media changes and manipulate such platforms to market their products – regrettably talent which should be harnessed is going to waste.”

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