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Pleasure Seekers: Main Reasons Why Men Hire Prostitutes

Just so we keep it clear, there is nothing weird about men paying for se_x - after all a relationship between a man and woman often-times i...

Just so we keep it clear, there is nothing weird about men paying for se_x - after all a relationship between a man and woman often-times is transaction-based.

He pays for stuff and his chances of getting some goes up. After all, there is a reason why the opening line for Chris Brown’s Loyal is: "When a rich n*gga wants you…"

However what we are talking about here, is where the dude pays for services. This could be by way of him paying for certain needs she has at that moment.
Why Men Hire Prostitutes? 

We know guys who simply paid for her ride home because she was stranded and she hooked.

She needed cash and she provided a service. She may not be an active worker but she got what she wanted. Walking away, she feels like she earned it and does not owe him anything.

So then the question is why do men like women who make themselves available for money? We will go with some reasons below:

Men are aroused by what they see
So another thing here is that most men, if not all, are aroused by what they see, and the ladies in the thigh vending business are privy to this nugget of information hence they always don skimpy outfits that end just about where they start, leaving little to imagination. 

There is a theory that men have two set of brains, the ones in the head and the other set in the baby making pipe, according to this theory only one set of brains can work at one time. Those of you who may have dabbled with a bit of biology back in school may know of a concept called vaso-dilation. 

So the thing here is that if a man is aroused blood rushes to the baby making pipe , the second set of brains kicks in and effectively over rides the regular set of brains that reside in the head hence causing regrettable decisions such as hiring prostitutes or even in the worst case scenarios rape. 

So your man might have intended to come and eat at home but then the“menu’ he saw while driving or walking around got too irresistible, at least for the 'second set' of brains.

The need for variety
Lets face it, having to eat same things everyday might become a little monotonous, so no matter how much you try and spice it up in the bedroom after a while it all becomes routine hence the need for fresh settings.

Something is wrong
It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with you. In fact, most of the time, it doesn’t have to do with the partner unless she is just denying him conjugal needs and he just could not be bothered to have a relationship on the side. 

Some may even be related to past horrors as a child that need to go checking. It’s like a serial killer who needs a fix. He wants an outlet. Power. They – we have no idea who they are by the way – say that everything is about se_x.  

So when he makes a purchase he feels power over her because she will do anything he wants. He paid for it, so why shouldn’t she? That need for power is made more serious if he feels like doesn’t have any at home.

Some men are just addicted to commercial se_x workers. Weird? No. It’s like p*rn. They just do it. The thing is, most men who use the services of se_x workers feel empty afterwards. They have a sense of self-worth. 

As much as they think we are using the person who are doing it with, they feel used too. That is not to suggest that there are no men who simply like prostitutes for company. It’s a pretend girlfriend who can ‘like’ them. - Online Sources 

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