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Manhood Mysteries: 8 Weird Things Your Penis Does

You shake and bounce, but a stray drop or two of pee still trickles into your underwear as you leave the restroom - is the O-ring in your p...

You shake and bounce, but a stray drop or two of pee still trickles into your underwear as you leave the restroom - is the O-ring in your pe.nis defective or something?

Here are answers to your biggest penis-related mysteries.

Why sem.en always show up late? 
Like that drop or two of leftover urine, some ejac.ulate leaks out a few minutes after you've had an

Dr. Sonstein says the explanation is the same as before: "Sem.en is just a little more viscous, so it takes more time for gravity to work it out of your urethra," he says.

Why pe.nis shrinks when wet? 
Despite what George Costanza says, it's not the wetness that does it. It's the chill of exposing your geni.tals to cool air or water that causes the "shrinkage," Dr. Sonstein says.
Manhood Mysteries 

Your scro.tum hangs outside of your body because your sperm need very specific temperatures to thrive.

Muscles in your scrotum and along the "sper.matic cord" that leads down from your pe.nis to each tes.ticle contract when you're cold, pulling your scrotum up toward your body. And this contraction tightens your penis muscles and tissue as well, shrinking it, Dr. Sonstein says.

(The opposite happens when you're hot, causing your te.sticles and pe.nis to hang farther from your body, he adds.)

Why some men experience 'wet dreams'? 
Again, this is probably the result of elevated testosterone levels, which rise while you sleep, says Dr. Sonstein. "That's why adolescent men, whose testosterone levels tend to be really high, experience more wet dreams than older men."

Dr. Sonstein says there's some anecdotal evidence—but no proof—that wet dreams occur more often when a lot of time has passed between your org.asms - and so this could be your body's way of making room for fresher spe.rm supplies.

Why urine shoot at strange angle? 
Your urine stream's "crazy Ivan" schtick tends to occur after se.x, after mastu.rbation, or in the morning if you ejaculated just before bed—or while you slept—Dr. Sonstein says.

Why? It's nearly always because a little semen is still hanging out in your urethra from your last org.asm, which creates an obstruction. If the odd angle doesn't go away soon, it could be a sign of scar tissue or an STD, Dr. Sonstein adds.

Why some grow and other shrink? 
Maybe you've heard some guys are 'growers, not showers.' At least anecdotally, that seems to be true. "Men who are smaller when flaccid tend to get much longer when erect," Dr. Sonstein says. "Whereas men who are long when flaccid tend to get harder - but not that much bigger. It's all just genetics."

Why urine is always yellow? 
Urine contains a chemical called urobilin, which is involved in the breakdown of fluid that takes place in your kidneys, says Dr. Sonstein. Urobilin is yellow - and the more of it you see in your pee, the less that biochemical is being diluted by water or other fluids you drink.

If you're properly hydrated, healthy urine should actually be pretty close to clear, Dr. Sonstein explains.

No erection during sex? 
This is called 'situational ere.ctile dysfunction' - and a ton of guys experience it, Dr. Sonstein says. "Usually it's stress- or relationship problem-related." If you're feeling a lot of pressure or anxiety, it can tense you up to the point that you have problems getting hard.

Dr. Sonstein says if it gets really bad.

He prescribes a low dose of an ED drug like Viagra to help a patient get his confidence back. - Online Sources 

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