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Passion for Life: How to Pursue Your Hobby While Working

Does pursuing your passion seem impossible with your hectic day job - experts believe it's doable if you stick to these simple steps....

Does pursuing your passion seem impossible with your hectic day job - experts believe it's doable if you stick to these simple steps. 

Know your passion project
What is it that you want to do? Is it to start a company? What will the company do? How will people know about it? Knowing what you want is the first step - and it will be your inspiration to keep going.

Set goals
Ask yourself: "What do I want to achieve?" Be specific. Create step-by-step goals and then a timeline or a schedule. Sounds daunting? Remember you need deadlines to make sure you get things done.
Pursue Your Hobby 

The time you set apart for your project is very crucial - it shows how much you want it.

Save money
You have to have a plan on how you'll raise the money for your project. (You can ask some help from family and friends.) Make sure you have an estimate of how much you intend to gain periodically.

Check your routine/schedule
You need to do this when you're not meeting your deadlines and goals at all. Evaluate what you can give up: movie nights? Waking up at 8 in the morning? If you can't give up anything, see what things you can work around on.

Self-check your weaknesses and beat them
This goes beyond your schedule. Do you have a goal that seems difficult for you to reach because of your personal weakness? Do you see another potential in the project, like becoming an online hit - but doubt it because you don't have the web-tech skills? 

Well, it's time to make your weaknesses your strengths. 

Part of creating your passion project is learning something and going into the unknown. And remember: You don't have to be alone. Partner with someone or look for online classes for yourself.

Ask your boss if he can be flexible with your work hours
Before you do this, you have to know how your bosses are. Are they the type to be understanding? If they're not, don't ask for flexible work hours; just take a leave. It's important though that your bosses and your colleagues know you're doing a passion project. 

Who knows, they'll even be willing to give their two cents and their full support. (BTW, make sure your passion project will not rival the company you work for, so long as you work there. That's just wrong.)

Don't do badly in your day job
You're still obligated to it. And you need it because that's where you get the bulk of your money. If you plan to leave in the future, make sure you got yourself covered financially.

Pursue, pursue, pursue
Your deadlines will force you to meet them - but you have to want to meet them. The road ahead will be full of ups and downs. And when you need encouragement from people, don't be afraid to seek it from them. - Online Sources 

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