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Preacher's Plea: 'It's Gospel of Grace not Prosperity' - Creflo Dollar

Veteran American preacher and prolific author Dr Creflo Dollar, who led a business delegation to Zimbabwe last week, defended pastors and p...

Veteran American preacher and prolific author Dr Creflo Dollar, who led a business delegation to Zimbabwe last week, defended pastors and prophets who are preaching the so-called gospel of prosperity.

Traditional churches have strongly criticised the prosperity gospel which is seen by conservative Christians as a way of ripping off congregants.

Addressing a combined church and business meeting in Harare last week, Dr Dollar said pastors also deserved to lead prosperous lives.
Dr Creflo Dollar 

“When we preach about prosperity many people say it is the prosperity gospel, I want to tell you today that there is no such thing as the prosperity gospel, rather it is the gospel of grace,” Dr Dollar said.

“The money in my pocket is not mine, it’s God’s. It came from Him. He is the source behind everything we have that is good. Even if people say I am rich, I know that I am not the source of my success; it all came through grace that Jesus exhibited at the cross.

“If there is one thing that is just so clear that need no interpretation at all when it comes to the message of Jesus, it is His condemnation of poverty among His people.

“It’s only that other Christians are still living in the Old Testament where the law was still in action. I am glad that God gave me the grace to understand that we are now living under grace and I can have everything that I desire through faith.”

The charismatic preacher said living in poverty had nothing to do with Godliness or God-likeness.

“To be poor, or impoverished, means ‘to be without; in lack; deprived’. You and I don’t serve a God of lack and insufficiency. ‘Name it; Claim it!’ — this is our mantra. And the number of good things God dishes out-whether be it a lucrative job, promotion or even physical healing depends entirely upon your faith (sometimes shown by how much you’re willing to give first),” said Dr Dollar. He also criticised prophets who deceived their congregants.

“When a prophet says something it must not be new, it must not be your first time to hear it. People have to be careful of gimmicks that are being used by some modern prophets because we should know that we will never bribe God to get what we want. People should not be desperate for results but you should have faith and it will be well.”

Heartfelt Ministries International leader Apostle Tavonga Vutabwashe, who hosted Dr Dollar said, “I have been longing to meet him (Dr Dollar) from the day I started my ministry and I am glad today that finally my prayer has been answered.

“Dr Dollar will go out there and publicise our nation, the peace that he witnessed, the warm welcome, the hospitality and the friendless of our people this will in a way promote religious tourism.” - The Sunday Mail 

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