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Red Lights: Signs You are Getting too Comfortable in Your Relationship

One of the best things about being in a relationship for a long time is how comfortable you get with the other person.  You can be yourse...

One of the best things about being in a relationship for a long time is how comfortable you get with the other person. 

You can be yourself, eat what you want, not wear any makeup if you don’t want to and basically be your 'single self' around him.

However, being too comfortable can be a bad thing — here are 10 signs you need to spice things up again:

You don’t talk before going to bed anymore
In the beginning of the relationship, it’s pretty normal to chat as you’re falling asleep or do cute things like kiss and play with each other’s hair.

As you’re together longer, it’s easy to slip into a routine where you’re just ready to pass out from a long day at work. 
Being too Comfortable in a Relationship can be Dangerous 

Try to spend at least five minutes decompressing with your partner at night, whatever that means to you.

You eat in separate rooms
Just like eating at the family table with your parents while you were growing up was important, the same goes for your relationship. Its opens the table for more intimate conversation.

Being na_ked in front of each other no longer gets a reaction
He sees you na_ked and pinches your butt. You hug him from behind or rub his arm. Those intimate touches are seriously so important. You’re about 20% annoyed, but 80% flattered. Keep that going.

You watch TV in separate rooms too often
It’s nice to be able to be separate in your own home and watch your own shows, but try to keep at least one show the both of you enjoy and watch that together.

Se_x has become routine
You can’t remember the last time you went on a real date. There really is something to this 'date night' thing. It keeps the sparkle.

You don’t kiss goodbye in the morning
This sounds really childish, but it really makes your day more positive.

You don’t try to impress each other anymore
There is nothing better than when your significant other tells you that you look hot. Keep that spark going by wearing the outfit they think you look se_xy in or wearing your hair the way they love.

You’re OK going your separate ways at every party
Let me be clear: this is definitely OK once in a while. It’s nice to show up to a party together, separate and socialize, and come back to each other later in the evening. But if that’s become the norm and the only time you’re spending together at a party is when you drive there and drive home. 

That’s a little sad. Keep being that strong couple you are, even when you’re in public.

Your usual talks are no longer personal
If all you guys have begun talking about is who’s responsible for the dishes tomorrow, what the plans are with the family this weekend or which bills need to be paid this month, then its time to step it up. 

Go back to the days when you talked about your day at work or the things that you’re happy about right now. Talk about your relationship or the new album you’re loving right now. Get out of the blah-ness of your conversations. - Online Sources 

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