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Royal Blessing: 'Sir' Wicknell Chivayo to Buy a Benz for Warriors Captain

Harare businessman Wicknel Chivayo has kept his promise and says he will be travelling to South Africa soon to 'bless' Warriors sk...

Harare businessman Wicknel Chivayo has kept his promise and says he will be travelling to South Africa soon to 'bless' Warriors skipper Willard Katsande with a brand new car.

Chivayo, who has also pledged to purchase tickets for the foreign-based Warriors ahead of next month’s clash against Malawi, says the gesture is meant to motivate the team ahead of the crucial tie.

Two weeks ago Katsande shared pictures of himself standing next to a Mercedes-Benz CLA 350 AMG valued at R559 000.
Wicknell Chivayo to Buy a Benz for Soccer Captain 

Social media buzzed with claims Chivayo bought the car for the Zimbabwe men’s soccer team captain. Is this the car Chivayo will hand over?

“I will be going to South Africa next week to buy the car for Willard because he is the captain of a very important team, the Warriors,” said Chivayo.

“Initially I had said it will be a BMW but it turns out the boy wants a Merc and not just an ordinary Merc but a CLA 350 AMG and that is what he will be getting. So by the time that he will come home for the Malawi game our captain will be rolling in brand new wheels and ready to fight in defence of the nation.”

With Zifa’s financial situation still precarious and the Messenger of Court making several visits to 53 Livingstone Avenue to attach property, Chivayo has reiterated his desire to continue oiling the Warriors journey to Gabon 2017.

In correspondence between himself and several foreign-based players, the businessman – who has promised the team a US$250 000 Afcon qualification bonus – ruled out walking away during “an hour of need”.

“No young man I will not leave, we are together in this journey,” said Chivayo in response to a player who had asked if the team could bank on him buying them air tickets.

“Don’t let what you read about Zifa property being attached affect you because what I do for the Warriors has nothing to do with Zifa. Everything is in place and all you guys need to do is focus on the game and make the country happy by qualifying for Afcon.

“You know the ordinary man, the soccer fan, is going through a lot and it up to you guys to bring a smile back to his face. The issue to do with the coach’s salary has been addressed and your air tickets will be there on time … trust me I am Sir Wicknell, I make things happen.”

Chivayo recently went shopping with the Europe-based duo of Knowledge Musona and Costa Nhamoinesu 'as a reward' for their impressive performances in the 4-0 destruction of Swaziland in the last qualifier.

Musona and Nhamoinesu were on target against Sihlangu. - The Sunday Mail 

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