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Royal Declaration: 'The God in Me is Invincible' – Wicknell Chivayo

In true arrogant tone, self-made entrepreneur Wicknell Chivayo has rubbished claims that he 'flouted tender procedures to clinch a maj...

In true arrogant tone, self-made entrepreneur Wicknell Chivayo has rubbished claims that he 'flouted tender procedures to clinch a major solar project', saying "I remain committed to  delivering my mandate as per the contracts I signed with Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC). 

His mega deals have attracted a lot of scrutiny with some sections calling for through investigations.

"I will not give in to any pressure whatsoever from vindictive newspapers during or after implementation of the project. 

"I'm happy to note they've accepted the projects... hence they've shifted their focus and are now trying to dwell on the project implementation.
Wicknell Chivayo 

"Only and until you participate in a tender will you appreciate that the highest decision making board where government procurement is concerned the State Procurement Board (SPB) comprises of level headed, incorruptible members with unquestionable integrity," claimed Chivayo.

Contrary to his assertions, many tender procedures have been questionable. He the proceed in his usual mockery mood, even calling people quizzing his operations 'foolish.' 

Chivayo's brush with the media continues unabated, emanating form the day the state media asked his logic for pulling out of a football sponsorship deal after they asked exposed his shortcomings in fulfilling his promises. 

He added, "At this level of business which is clearly way beyond your imagination , there's absolutely nothing surprising or unusual about a small payment of 5 million dollars where there is a signed EPC contract to the tune of $173 million." 

 "Suffice it to say... when the time comes all journalists will be invited to the commissioning of the first 100 MW solar farm in Zimbabawe... in Gwanda. As most of you have no cars be rest assured as a sign of sympathy I'll be generous to hire you a lorry to ensure you all witness this historic launch...

The youthful businessman continued in his kindergarten tone, riddled with many grammatical errors in a desperate bid to insult his opponents.

"Bones with no flesh will be a thing of the past for you and your children will no longer have to sleep directly on the concrete floor as there will be adequate supply of cattle skins for them to be comfortable (sic)."  

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