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Sergio Cabonge: "I Take Women to Exclusive Clubs, Buy Expensive Gifts"

It is hard to remember that he spent seven years behind bars awaiting trial - today Sergio Cabonge is a famous blesser, with at least five ...

It is hard to remember that he spent seven years behind bars awaiting trial - today Sergio Cabonge is a famous blesser, with at least five blessees whom he showers with money.

He said he believes in sharing his fortune with young girls. “I take them out to expensive clubs and buy them expensive clothes, food and wine. And of course I give them money,” he said.

“A woman needs to be spoiled. It all depends on her age and her needs but I do spend thousands. I’m blessed and I share my blessing by being a blesser,” he said.
The 'Gifted Blesser' 

Serge, as he is popularly known on networks around the world, believes he knows what it takes to be the best. “Respecting women makes you the best blesser. Blessers respect their women,” he said.

Sergio spent seven years in jail after he was arrested and charged with international fraud. He said while he was in prison it was women who took care of him.

“I got a lot of support from women while inside and when I got out and appeared in the newspapers. I realised they liked attention and money,’ he said. He said after his release he worked hard to pay all the women who were there for him.

“I realised that South African women needed to be pampered and taken care of and they lacked love.”  His life took a drastic turn when he bumped into his old friend, Kenny Kunene, in Sandton, Gauteng.

“I met Kenny in prison and when we met again there was no turning back,” he said. Kenny took Sergio under his wing and he turned out to be a success. Today he is living a lavish lifestyle in Centurion, Gauteng with his wife and three children.

He travels in and outside the country making international deals for his artists. But he said he hates women who throw themselves at men for money. Since he appeared on SABC’s Cutting Edge he says he’s had thousands of invitations from hopefuls. 

“They send me messages. “Some are naked. They want me to be their blesser but things don’t work that way. “A woman must respect herself before demanding respect,” he said.

He said he is flying to New York, then Miami and Las Vegas to shoot his forthcoming blessers’ reality show. He denied being responsible for a Facebook page, supposedly his, that referred to him not using condoms.

“I do not have an account on any network, but I thank the person who did it because even bad publicity helped people to have a debate about such issues.” He said these days people are giving him lots of attention and even popular five-star clubs are inviting him to attend so that he can attract women clients. - Daily Sun 

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