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Success Divination: ‘Zim Economic Predicament a Wealth Transfer to Devotees’

Harare – For those scarred by the historic fiscal slump chronicled by Zimbabwe from 2007 onwards – the impending introduction of Bond No...

Harare – For those scarred by the historic fiscal slump chronicled by Zimbabwe from 2007 onwards – the impending introduction of Bond Notes into circulation induce an echoing melancholy.

When Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe GovernorJohn Mangudya addressed media practitioners recently, many citizens anticipated depressing updates. The central bank superior subsequently nailed a dearth eulogy upon the teetering economy, economists concur.

By Derick Matsengarwodzi

“The US dollar is now more than a medium of exchange; it’s now a store of value, an asset, a commodity. If you’re not a safe haven economy, don’t be too open,” lectured Mangudya.

Thereafter, he dispatched a defence lineup.
Archbishop Ezekiel Guti, Founder of ZAOGA 

“We have no hidden agenda. We are not removing the multi-currency system – we are actually giving it more life through more exports.”

Before Mangudya's broadcast, Apostle Pride Sibiya – the initiator of Glory Ministries had alluded to a looming cash famine during a sermon witnessed by on March 20, 2016.

“There is going to a serious cash shortage in the country. Those who can do small businesses like selling – must do so. If you belief in God’s word and follow His word – you shall not lack – there is going to be wealth transfer.”

Before his words subsided, Harare experienced a resurrection of 2008 – hiked bank charges and snaking queues defaced the land.

At the dawn of 2016, Prophet Blessing Chiza had made related interpretations.

“There is going to be a wealth transfer, the church shall be very rich – the main reason is to finance outreach. Christians will be driving the best cars and the church will rise financially – it will finance the Government.

An upsurge of murder cases has haunting the nation – in covenant with his earlier prophecy.

From ZAOGA, Archbishop Ezekiel Guti and his intercessors were in accord with the economic crunch projections saying many will lose properties, life earnings but those with God’s wisdom will become rich.

“It’s going to be a wealth transfer – never put your money into seemingly get rich quick schemes. When investing, seek God’s guidance. Get used to batter trade – it is going to be the order of the day.

They also encouraged self-sustenance.

“It’s a season to diversify and become street wise. Do gardening in your back yards. If you have space to produce few chickens – do it. You will see how critical it is to save just a dollar.”

The introduction of bond notes was a repeat of the dreaded 2008 era – Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries leader Walter Magaya alleges.

“I don’t know where economists are taking the nation… I think we need to revisit some of the policies we are taking. As I prophesied at the beginning of the year that some of the events will be repeated, so it’s coming to pass.”

“God will always make a way where there is no way. The only way to come out of these hardships is to follow Jesus,” said the expectant magnetic clergyman.

The economic crunch has induced an avalanche of memes plus jokes. Former inclusive government finance minister, Tendai Biti is forever skeptical.

“It is a cynical, disrespectful and contemptuous move that has absolutely no logic, sense or justification on any rational ground whatsoever… It is a decision that will see many of the remaining companies reach breaking point and simply shut down.

"Few are prepared to relive the nightmare of the meltdown period of 2007 and 2008,” he stated.

Mangudya remains within the minority still exuding traces of hope.

He appealed that bond notes are intended to incentivise exports – and will only be distributed to exporters, in the form of a grant based on the size of the export in order to encourage production. –

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