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Wierd Advice: Sensless Things You Shouldn't Say to a Vir.gin

Everyone asks this because why would anyone wait to try the greatest thing ever, right - but I don't ask you why you're waiting to ...

Everyone asks this because why would anyone wait to try the greatest thing ever, right - but I don't ask you why you're waiting to try yoga or to go to Taylor Swift concerts - who decided se.x is any more urgent than any other awesome activity?

Your relationship isn't serious if you haven't had s.ex
Just because you have se.x doesn't mean you're seriously committed. Just because you don't, doesn't mean you're not.

But you're so pretty
That's very nice of you to say, but I'm not waiting for someone who will find me hot enough to have se.x with. 
Things You Must not Say to a 

I'm waiting for someone I love and trust.

Haven't had a lot of luck, huh?
No, I'm just not in a rush to lose my v-card — most vir.gins aren't. And my being a virgin doesn't mean I've failed at dating, either. It's just not everyone's mission in life to have intercourse.

That won't last long 
Neither will this conversation at this rate. Whether I lose it tomorrow or wait until I get married, it's not your moment to bet on.

Is it because you're religious?
Whether it is or isn't, I'm not sure why my virginity requires an explanation of all of my beliefs. All you need to know is that I'm not going to have s.ex with you or anyone else right this second.

You should just do it. It's not a big deal
Maybe not to you, but it is to me. Also why are you acting like a stereotypical drug pusher?!

Why? What's wrong? 
Nothing's wrong. Why assume there's some great, huge personal problem because I'm not having sex? Everything's chill, dude.

Does nobody meet your standard? Is anyone good enough for you?
Yes, there are people good enough for me. I just haven't found them yet. And I'd rather not bang a random person because my v-card needs to go.

Se.x is great
Duh, and I look forward to it.

Live a little
I don't think se.x is the only way you can live. There are other ways to broaden your horizons that don't involve having a in you.

So what do you do then when you're hooking up? 
The same thing you do when you're not having inter.course. There are three other bases.

Doesn't your boyfriend get frustrated?
If s.ex was the only thing he wanted, he'd be with someone else.

Are you even into guys?
Really? Yes. Se.xual orientation has nothing to do with how much (or little) s.ex you have. Just because I'm not sleeping with guys doesn't mean I'm not turned on.

You're a virgin. You wouldn't get it
Wouldn't get what? Being a vir.gin doesn't make life incomprehensible.

You don't act like a vir.gin
I wasn't aware vir.gins have a particular behaviour. I make out with guys. I basically do the same things you do. - Online Sources 

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