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Youth Beckons: Tightening Medicines a Hit with Women

Stop looking for enlarged ones but tighten it instead - women are always known to be cautious with issues to do with their se_xual health a...

Stop looking for enlarged ones but tighten it instead - women are always known to be cautious with issues to do with their se_xual health and it is not everyday one gets to meet those that freely discuss their se_x lives.

Musimboti African Medicine which is located in the CBD has got women revealing how their lives have changed since using Musimboti products.

“I doubted using traditional medicines because my husband was strongly against the idea. At the time I no longer enjoyed se_x,a friend advised me to give it (Musimboti) a try and I bought a combination called ‘yabo mama’ (for women),” explained Sifiso Ndebele.
Women Discus their Private Lives Freely than Men  

Ndebele could pass for a brand ambassador because she got value for her money. “The combination has different herbs combined and they are packaged in capsules. I used them for the past two years and life has changed for the better,” she added.

The founder of the Musimboti brand, Morgan Zimunya said women were her cash cow.

“We sell traditional medicines and we registered with the Ministry of Health in 1996. There have been some hiccups over the past years but people have finally understood our products and how they work. We have herbs for men, women and other herbs are for diseases. Those herbs for women are the ones on demand,” said Zimunya.

At the turn of the century Musimboti herbal drinks took the country by storm. Major supermarkets sold the products and their popularity hinged on hearsay that it had a miracle drug that could cure cancer and HIV.

But the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe (MCAZ)- the country’s medicine regulator- banned the drink and ordered that it be withdrawn from the shelves. Until last year there was a battle between the MCAZ and Musimboti makers until the Traditional Medical Practitioners Council (TMPC) registered Musimboti.

But now it’s business as usual, and herbs are made from Afrodisiacs, Tulbaghia Violacea popularly known as isihaqa, Sclerocarya birrea commonly known as marula tree or umganu. Cassine matabelica popularly known as umgugudu and Elephantorrhiza elephantine known as intolwane and all these combinations also help with se_xual fitness.

“We have herbs for pregnant women. They protect the unborn baby from getting diseases and they also help with the birth canal. We also have herbs that should be taken by women after giving birth before engaging in se_x,” said Zimunya.

He also demystified the small se_x organ theory about men. Instead, he said the problem could be with women.

“There are women who complain about their men having small se_x organs. They usually advise them to go for penis enlargements; they should consider that at times it would be them who have bigger organs,” he said.

One Ruth Mpofu actually takes the blame for labelling her husband a not-so-endowed man.

“I always thought that my husband was too small and our se_x life was the worst. But when I started using the combination my privates have since tightened. It is very helpful because our se_x life now feels youthful,” said Ruth Mpofu.

Zimunya explained that women, especially married ones, should make it a point that they take care of their privates the same way they give all the other body parts attention.

“We advise women to consider taking herbs that help with tightening their organs. The problem is not always with men, sometimes the woman might be too hollow and we have herbs that take care of that,” he said. - B metro

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