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Chicken Man: ‘Juju Turns Thief into a Roaster’

Harare – When hunger struck two friends, the duo connived to slaughter their neighbour’s two turkeys – but unknown to them, the birds were ...

Harare – When hunger struck two friends, the duo connived to slaughter their neighbour’s two turkeys – but unknown to them, the birds were ‘locked’ with juju that would turn anyone who took them without permission into ‘birds.’

After the pair was caught, the other one admitted the theft and was subsequently punished by the owner – whilst Tawanda Mukuruzado aged 31 flatly refused to confess.

Soon after, he started to grow a chicken crown on his head, chin and nose – confirming that he was cursed and he really stole the turkeys. Unfortunately, the owner has since passed on.
Human Chickens? 

Though some of the ‘poultry features’ have since vanished – the culprit lives in severe pain and he maintains he was bewitched by a relative in order to fix him contrary to the popular village gossip.

“I am in excruciating pain for the past two years. Sometimes the wounds bleed continuously, while many people discriminate and accuse me of theft.”

The suspect, who has not consulted medical experts on his condition was supposed to pay a beast – he failed, until the owner died. He now relies on traditional healers to soothe his pain.

“I went to the hospital but a healer said if I go there again, I will die because my condition only requires traditional treatment. But I would appreciate if anyone would help me because I am in severe pain – my body is now full of open wounds producing a bad odour.

Though some suspect it might be cancer, his mother is ignorant of the source of the unknown sickness.

“I am not sure where it came from – but I heard about stolen turkeys. When I asked him, he refused. We consulted some local prophets but all was in vain though they confirmed he did not steal anything.

“We are appealing for help to take him for specialist treatment because the sickness is getting worse,” said the concerned mother. She added that he sometimes bleeds nonstop and his face is swollen that he cannot see properly.

Elzabeth Meya, wife of the owner of the alleged stolen birds says nothing was pilfered from her home, adding many people have consulted her seeking concoctions to recover their stolen properties.

She maintains, she is a Christian and her birds were mainly lost mainly to diseases rather than theft. Contrary, the tale has safeguarded her homestead as people now fear her.

Tawanda’s mysterious illness has sent his family into eternal confusion – and many wish they could find a lasting solution to stop his prolonged anguish.

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