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Cyril Ramaphosa: 'Blessers' are Spreading HIV/AIDS'

Young women must stay away from “blessers” because they are spreading HIV/Aids, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has said.  “It is a man t...

Young women must stay away from “blessers” because they are spreading HIV/Aids, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has said. 

“It is a man that goes around giving money to young women and buys them airtime. They take them to big, expensive and beautiful hotels. They buy women expensive shoes,” he told Umlazi residents.

“Some of them even buy women cars.” They were also known as sugar daddies and a website had been created to connect young women with such men.
Cyril Ramaphosa 

Ramaphosa was speaking at an event to announce party’s “pedal campaign”. This would involve people using ANC-branded bicycles to venture into areas inaccessible by cars to campaign for the August 3 local government elections.

“It is these blessers that are spreading HIV and Aids, because they are here, there and everywhere. And that is why we are saying down with blessers down! Down with sugar daddies, down!”

He referred to President Jacob Zuma’s mention in a speech on June 16 about another phenomenon called Mavuso’s stokvel, in Hammanskraal, Pretoria. It involved men meeting women at a venue, taking them home and paying them for sex.

Ramaphosa warned that such practices helped spread HIV/Aids. “Stay away from Mavuso’s,” pleaded Ramaphosa.

Sex talk
Earlier on Friday, he announced an HIV campaign in Pietermaritzburg, where Health Minister Dr Aaron Motsoaledi presented a new condom called Max. He told his Umlazi audience that some men had stopped using condoms.

“They want to have unprotected sex. Dr Motsoaledi said people told the government that the Choice condoms did not give them pleasure. They make noise when you use them and they do not have a scent.

“So comrade Motsoaledi and the department spoke to scientists and we now have a new condom out called Max.

“You will be satisfied when you use Max. It also has maximum protection and a scent. They say the strawberry one is the best, better than banana, I even carry my own pack of Max condoms,” he said, to the crowd’s amusement.

Ramaphosa, who sometimes laughed during his sex talk, told his audience to start using condoms again. “Tell the young children to abstain from sexual relations because it is much better when you are older. HIV must not spread.”

He said it was the government’s responsibility to speak about difficult issues like HIV/Aids. As the party campaigned in the country, municipalities and mayors should lead the campaign.

The deputy president, NEC member Motsoaledi and Bheki Cele, and ANC provincial leaders Sihle Zikalala, Super Zuma and Mluleki Ndobe charmed and entertained the crowd by dancing. - Daily Sun 

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