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Prophetic Utterances: Wutawunashe’s Ex-wife Speaks of Messy Divorce

Prophetess Dr Rutendo Wutawunashe, former wife to the Family of God Church founder, has vowed to continue with her women empowerment minist...

Prophetess Dr Rutendo Wutawunashe, former wife to the Family of God Church founder, has vowed to continue with her women empowerment ministry despite a marriage breakdown that left the church split in half.

Precious Stone Ministry for women holds its three day 17th International Precious Stones Convention starting next Thursday.

The ministry was founded with the vision to harness women of wisdom, wealth, true beauty, fear of God, excellence, strength and honour.
Prophet Wutawunashe 

This year, notable speakers include Bishop Duro Lombonya from Zambia, who has been ministering at the convention for the past 16 years; Small and Medium Enterprises and Cooperative Development Minister, Sithembiso Nyoni and Mrs Sherrie Shereni who has proven experience in the corporate world.

Commissioner Bessi Nhandara, legal expert Mrs Vimbai Mutendereki and health expert Mrs Regina Kanyemba completes the line-up of guest speakers.

Precious Stones Ministry’s future had seemed gloomy as its visionary Dr Wutawunashe is facing divorce from husband and FOG leader Apostle Andrew Wutawunashe who has been rendering support since the ministry’s formative years.

Dr Wutawunashe said she believes that God made way for Precious Stones Ministry and would continue leading the way in its future.

“There is a way, it’s not just my own initiative, my thinking, but it came from God. So this is what regulates my reactions, particularly the faith because these things are detrimental in many ways.”

Apostle Wutawunashe recently filed for divorce after he unceremoniously left his matrimonial home a decade ago without an official separation.

“I have not had many platforms to speak but the other reason why I have not really become militant is because my strength comes from the message that I teach. I don’t just teach women, I also live the word.

“So basically I haven’t spoken a lot or done what an ordinary woman would have done because that leaves so many unanswered questions, so many lives affected. When I prayed to God about this it wasn’t easy. God dropped into my spirit a word to contend for the faith,” said Dr Wutawunashe.

“Some women in this kind of challenge die, some commit suicide, some suffer stroke or high blood pressure (but) I am so glad that God has preserved me. This is part of what made me see clearly that for the storms of life, a woman needs to be equipped. 

“When I look back at my life, this experience strengthens me to understand the woman more. It’s different when you just read the word of God and preach than when you are preaching from experience.

“Although it is something I wouldn’t have prayed for to come upon me, now I can use it to strengthen others. This is why I am convinced that women need to be resourced so that it is not that easy to be instructed to pack and go.

“People don’t even notice that lives are hurt. I will minister from a position of strength. I am grateful to God that this is an experience I can use to strengthen and minister to women,” she said.

Her ministry’s theme for this year’s – “Resourcing women and girls spiritually, mentally, physically and materially to survive the storms of life” – couldn’t be more telling of what Dr Wutawunashe has grown through.

“When you teach a woman about the journey of life, you tell them not to laugh when they come across people who are struggling with something because next time, the storm could hit them. There is no woman who gets into marriage hoping to divorce or be widowed one day.

“But when it happens, you don’t die; you are still a vine, you are still valuable.

Though someone rejects you, God hasn’t rejected you. lf someone dies, you are still alive so that’s what I teach other women, to be able to go through that experience and still love God and still preach. I count it a great privilege,” the mother of six said.

Dr Wutawunashe revealed that her husband’s adulterous relationship uncomfortably went on for years yet she could not find evidence to that effect. She said only this year, some message came “that showed that this relationship was not maybe as clean as we would want it to be”.

Her worry has been the repercussions the marriage breakdown will have on her children, individual lives and the church as a whole.

“Apart from us being pastors and teachers, we have built on faith which we have taught. Standing up after 36 years of teaching the word of God and doing the opposite, it doesn’t make sense. - The Sunday Mail

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