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Toxic Parent: Man Wrecks Son’s Marriage, Beds Daughter-in-law

A village leader is now a topical subject in his community after he allegedly bedded his daughter-in-law as payment for a debt. Shepherd K...

A village leader is now a topical subject in his community after he allegedly bedded his daughter-in-law as payment for a debt.

Shepherd Kombe, who is in his early 50s and popularly known as Pidigori in Mungate Village, slept with his son’s wife Shelter Ndawi, 30, as payment for rentals in a feat that has left the kraal and those beyond bewildered.

Shelter is married to Shepherd’s son Kudakwashe Tsvanhu and they are blessed with two children.

The illicit affair was exposed through a text message that was discovered by Shepherd’s wife following a tip off.
A Father is Accused of an Illicit Affair with Son's Wife 

Shepherd and Shelter have been having se_x regularly at Mverechena Hotel since December 2015 before the affair was exposed last month.

Kudakwashe confirmed the story and is alleging that headman Murape and Chief Chinhamora are refusing to hear his case after Shepherd approached them over the case behind his back.

Shelter also confirmed that she had been having an affair with Shepherd saying she is prepared to testify before the chief how she lured into having se_x with him after she failed to pay his money.

“One of his tenants failed to pay rentals and the tenant informed him that he would get the money from me since I owed her money, said Shelter. My father in law kept visiting me at night asking me to pay the money since Kudakwashe was in Harare with his second wife.

“I ended up giving in to his demands and we had protected se_x several times since I was also being se_x starved by Kudakwashe who is always with his second wife in Harare. Kudakwashe took the matter to my parents and he was told to stop verbally abusing me in connection with the case if he wanted to forgive me.

“I apologised to my mother in law and was taken to one of the relatives where I was asked to sign a document to confirm the matter,”she added.

“When I was first informed about it, I surely couldn’t believe it.I thought the informant was only trying to tell me that she was having an extra marital affair. She said although her daughter in law had apologised about the affair, she had not been able to go to church after this incident.

Shepherd could neither confirm nor deny the allegations threatening to sue H-Metro over the story. “Why do you disturb me with such a story here at work. I am only prepared to answer questions from the Chief not H-Metro, get away from here,” he shouted.

“I will sue you if that story is published,” he threatened. Kudakwashe added that he was disappointed that the two headmen were refusing to hear his case. My wife confessed that she had se_x with my father and I took the case to headman Murape,”said Kudakwashe.

“My father threatened headman Murape and asked him to hear the case privately and I refused to bow to his demands and that led headman Murape to refer me to Chief Chinamhora. Chief Chinamhora refused to hear the case saying he cannot go against Murape and he referred me to the civil court.

“I approached civil courts and they referred me back to the village head.I’m stuck maybe it is now survival of the fittest,”said Kudakwashe. - H Metro

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