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Weird Leader: 5 Insane Facts About North Korea

North Korean forces stationed along the DMZ are known to have dug tunnels running deep into South Korean territory.  American and South K...

North Korean forces stationed along the DMZ are known to have dug tunnels running deep into South Korean territory. 

American and South Korean troops have found 4 so far, but there are believed to be around 20 more still there. Each tunnel is big enough to accommodate rapid movement of up to 30,000 troops an hour. 

After the tunnel was found, the North tried to say that they hadn’t meant to tunnel that far, despite drill marks for dynamite pointing straight towards the South. 
Kim Jong-Nam 

They then tried to claim it was a branch of an extended coal mine, even though there is no coal at all in the area. Undeterred, they tried to pass it off as a mine by painting the walls black

Kim Jong-Nam
The eldest son of Kim Jong-Il, Kim Jong-Nam carries the family penchant for bizarre behavior proudly. 

In 2001, he was arrested in Narita International Airport in Japan on a fake Dominican passport with the Chinese name Pang Xiong (which fittingly translates to “fat bear” in English). 

When questioned, he admitted he was trying to go to Disneyland of all places. He was subsequently handed back over to the Chinese and the ensuing embarrassment caused him to be exiled to China and his father named as his heir the nest submission on this list.

Kim Jong-Un
The newest face of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un has continued the string of threats and bellicose rhetoric that we have come to accept as customary behavior from the reclusive nation. However, very little is actually known about him. 

The information we do have about his personality comes from people who knew him while he attended boarding school in Switzerland. 

His classmates described him as not particularly smart or interested in studies, but fascinated with basketball, with Michael Jordan as his personal hero. He was also caught with something he shouldn’t have had-a bondage magazine.

Assassination attempt
The second item on this list to deal directly with the Kim Jong-Un, this one shows that perhaps the “Brilliant Leader”, as he has come to be known by his countrymen, is not as in control of the government as was once thought. 

South Korean Intelligence revealed that reports have come from the North that an attempt on Kim’s life resulted in a full blown firefight in downtown Pyongyang. 

The general was a close ally of Kim and his father and was behind the sinking of the Cheonan in 2010 and the shelling of Yeonpyeong Island. The demotion is believed to be the result of an internal power struggle, and the general was quickly reinstated after the attempt.

Daily Life in North Korea
What does all this add up to? How does all this affect the everyday lives of random citizens around North Korea? 

The nation’s isolationist attitude means its citizens are almost totally destitute by American standards and unaware of anything happening in the world. An average worker earns around $2 to $3 per month in from the government. 

If you have a side job selling goods, you might earn an extra $10 a month. Public services, like health care and education, are available, but you are required to pay fees for things like electricity, heating, and even building materials. 

Being sent to prison is always a possibility, with people getting multiple year sentences for rolling cigarettes with newspaper that has the image of Kim Il-Sung on it. However, if this sounds like complete hell, there is an upside-marijuana is completely legal. - Online Sources 

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