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Borrowed Anger: Duped Zanu PF Supporters Denounce #ThisFlag

Harare – As the Zimbabwe regime flopped again to remunerate its civil servants – thousands of bussed Zanu PF sympathisers protested agai...

Harare – As the Zimbabwe regime flopped again to remunerate its civil servants – thousands of bussed Zanu PF sympathisers protested against #ThisFlag crusader, Pastor Evan Mawarire.

The counter protests were prompted after President Robert Mugabe censured the hugely popular campaigner as a front of European governments.

For the second consecutive month, civil servants have missed their traditional pay dates as their paymaster struggles to mobilise over $200 million to finance the monthly wage bill.  

However, a circular on social media confirmed that Zanu PF members were requested to gather to be allocated free residential stands.
Zimbabwe Police Lead Thousands of Zanu PF Demonstrators in Harare 

The ruling party is using stand allocation as one of its election campaign strategies for the upcoming plebiscite in 2018.

“The Mawarire’s I don’t even know him. Beware of these men of cloth not all of them are true preachers of the bible….I don’t know if they are serving God…,” Mugabe said during the burial of Dr Charles Utete in Harare.

In a highly debatable move, police officers watched as picketers behaved as they pleased – as opposed to opposition demonstrations were they have denounced, dismissed or even attacked marchers.

Opposition party MDC reacted to the selective application of the law

"...However, we note with disquiet the selective application of the law and the double standards in terms of police attitude towards Zanu PF demonstrations. 

"The Zanu PF march was allowed to proceed and the party did not even have to seek recourse in the courts as we and other civic groups have had to do." 

Reacting to the recent protests, social commentator, Pedzisai Ruhanya said, “CONFIRMATION of unemployment by ZANU PF – such a huge protest by youths during a working day.

“Both ZANU PF and the police are anti-freedom. The protest against protests by ZANU supporters with the acquiescence of the police says it.”

The presence of thousands of disgruntled youths confirmed that poverty was biting deep – notwithstanding the vast political divide.

Adding his voice to the ongoing fiasco, former finance minister Tendai Biti responded.

“They want war, this lot. They want chaos, this lot. They want an excuse of re-imposing the state of emergency. They have an itch (but) the itch needs to be scratched.” 

Biti's mention of violence confirms utterances by church leaders such as Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and Prophet Walter Magaya that mayhem is imminent in Harare.

Zanu PF deputy youth Secretary Kudzanai Chipanga had promised a counter towards the violence free demonstrations.

“We promise the nation that we will not stand akimbo when we are under threat. The red button hasn’t been pressed as yet and the day they press it, then they will learn the hard lesson,” he said.

The majority of speakers denounced #ThisFlag founder Mawarire. " is now time to deal with people who don’t know,” said Innocent Hamandishe. 

Reacting on his recent personal attack by the president Mawarire says he was worried. “To hear a head of state talk of something that is an untruth is bad. So this has become a very serious situation for me, and I fear it. I am worried.

“The main reason I came here was just to get away from it all, to calm down, relax, clear my head and think clearly about the way forward,” he said while speaking to the South Africa media.

The champion of #ThisFlag campaign is in South Africa addressing various media outlets after Harare imposed an indefinite blanket ban on covering their events.

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