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Devil’s Conduct: ‘My Life Under Satanic Influence'

Harare – A young man has made astonishing admissions of his life under a strict satanic code that rendered convicts total slaves – and any ...

Harare – A young man has made astonishing admissions of his life under a strict satanic code that rendered convicts total slaves – and any attempt to fleece laid commandments would result in a cruel death.

The juvenile who asserts he was initiated into the demonic cult under the supervision of a Mozambican witchdoctor – chose to remain nameless for his future wellbeing.

Among the firm regime – a member is supposed to sacrifice a close relative in order to prolong their existence.

They are also not allowed to use toilets but venture into the bushes.
A Young Man Reveals How he was Recruited into Satanism 

In addition, they entered their homes via the window and if anyone breaks these conducts, he would die in an accident, revealed Amos (not his real name).

Pleading to remain anonymous, he said: “I was supposed to return to Mozambique to be fortified by the healer so that I can become very rich and live a longer life. I was required to kill my mother to accomplish this.”

Presently, he is living in total fear after his exposé and for abandoning his group of seven.

He says he was also supposed to feed a chicken with maize – and the amount he fed would translate to more years and a rich lifestyle. And if one required a prolonged life, he was supposed to kill a close relative.

Amos was recruited into Satanism at a tender age. Together with his friends, they crossed into Mozambique to acquire luck charms.

“We consulted various witch doctors and one gave us guidelines to become rich through gambling. He gave us oil to apply to reinforce our riches

“Already, one of us passed on because he did not follow the laid down rules as he was instructed to sacrifice a close relative but failed to do so,” he exposed.

The deceased friend who was involved in a mysterious accident had become filthy rich after he bought an expensive Hummer car and acquired a house in an affluent suburb.

In order to maintain his riches, he never used the toilet and entered his home through the window only. However, much of their pickings were squandered with women, gambling and heavy drinking.  

Even though they failed at school since they spent most of their time enjoying their rewards, they used their demonic impartation to change the results.

“Presently, my friends are looking for me because it was my turn to kill my relative. But I am not interested and I cannot kill my parent. My friends are still into Satanism; they have different tattoos and continue to squander money,” Amos added.

One of the core commandments, according to Amos dictates that one eventually dies in an accident.

At the moment, he is getting assistance from a local church to get deliverance.

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