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Mathias and Mildred: Preachers Speak on Satanism Accusations

Founders of one of the foremost personalised churches in Zimbabwe, Mathias and Mildred Ministries, pastors Mathias and Mildred Madzivanzira...

Founders of one of the foremost personalised churches in Zimbabwe, Mathias and Mildred Ministries, pastors Mathias and Mildred Madzivanzira, have finally found the voice to dispel the decade-old rumour that linked them to satanism.

The couple has claimed that rival church assemblies propelled the rumour out of jealousy.

In 2008, it was alleged that Mathias and Mildred’s maid was shot to death after she had witnessed a snake vomiting cash at their house.

The rumour appeared to justify the source of money which was being used to bankroll the ministry. Church congregants were being shuttled to and from pick-up points to attend church services.

However, Pastor Mildred said back then, they had a thriving business in partnership with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ).
Prayer Sessions in Zimbabwe are Common 

“People were asking where our money was coming from. We were doing business with the RBZ. They bought a lot of note counters and we delivered thousands and thousands of the machines, we didn’t even know where to put the money. All the money came from RBZ,” she said.

“We were having capacity crowds and our church was becoming small, we even had to erect a tent outside to accomodate the overflow. People were leaving their churches to come here,” said pastor Mildred in an exclusive interview. 

“Some people started spreading the rumours but I thank God because people heard the truth. Even Jesus said I won’t be coming until I hear the truth.

“We are here for the truth and we leave free from sin, a message which is never spoken about in some of these churches. If a pastor attempts to speak about such things they are threatened with the withdrawal of funds,” she said.

Pastor Mildred claimed that during the time when they were perfoming miracles, they had been invited to join the Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association (Zinatha).

“Some phoned saying if we were healing people then we could join Zinatha and acquire a certificate. We were in Gweru then, our pastor told them that we were just praying for the healing through the power of God.

“lt was said that our children have the Down Syndrome condition, some said they were in jail. These were all lies. “However, the lies made us strong. We worship the true living God.

“Jesus’ apostles were beaten and they rejoiced, standing by the truth. Isn’t it they named Jesus “the prince of demons”. If Jesus went through that, then what about us? People will always speak but we don’t mind it.”

She added that they were being persecuted for preaching the truth. “We are just happy that we were in the right track. God doesn’t want cowards. If He wants to say something and you cannot say it, He will go to the next person who is able to speak.

She went on to attribute the 2008 economic melt-down to their persecution.

“During that time around 2008 when a lot of bad things were said about us, things were about to turn around for the better in this country, but they went bad and the economy tumbled.

“People were persecuting God’s children. If you persecute a child of God, you will have God to contend with,” she warned sternly.

She also said there are people who claim to be God’s servants when they are involved in witchcraft, consult traditional healers and fake prophets, offer sacrifices to ancestral spirits and have loose morals.

“The truth is, a door of satanism was opened in this nation. What is it that is in Nigeria? There is nothing there, they (those who visit Nigeria) are just given satan’s powers. Getting powers from Nigeria is pure satanism because you don’t even know the person annointing you or how they live,” pastor Mildred charged.

“When you trace some of these guys’ background, some of them failed academically and only went up to Grade 7. So they look for options and being a pastor is one of the options. Yet they do not have the calling,” she said.

The couple now have an intimate congregation at the Rock Chapel and pastor Mathias said they are not worried about numbers.

“We aren’t in a competition. When God tells us to do crusades we will do them. If he says move, we will move; we don’t just do as we wish, we are not after people’s money. When people know the truth then I can come,” pastor Mathias said.

The duo said they have been affected by the tough economic environment, just like most people. Their company, Mathias and Mildred PVT has been liquidated.

“The general situation in the economy is affecting us; we have not been spared, it’s the company, not a church,” said Rev Mathias, who is also a practising lawyer. - The Sunday Mail 

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