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Midnight Angel: Zimbabwe's Own Pinkie Minaj

It’s quite an honour to write to you in my own capacity as Pinkie Minaj, a st_ripper and founder of Midnight Angels. I have been longing f...

It’s quite an honour to write to you in my own capacity as Pinkie Minaj, a st_ripper and founder of Midnight Angels.

I have been longing for this opportunity over the years to enlighten old and new fans on this new movement which has taken over the showbiz landscape by storm.

And being one of the finest (st_rippers) in this movement – strip tease – I would like to share my vision with fans and clarify a number of issues.

A lot of accusations and counter-accusations have been made, of course targeted at my profile but I remain firm and resolute as I stick to my goals.
Pinkie Minaj 

To find more about my vision, brief profile and of my calling in this movement, read on…

My real name is Cinderella Tashana but those in my circles (st_rip tease) simply know me as Pinkie Minaj. I was born on the 1st of January 1997 in Bulawayo.

I am a coloured girl born to an Indian woman and black father in a family of five – four girls and a boy. I did my primary education at Coughlan Junior before I did my high school in Gweru.

I finished my ordinary level in 2014 and passed four subjects – Mathematics, English, Science and Geography.

I could neither supplement my Ordinary levels nor proceed to A Level because I was fed up with school.

I then realised my calling for the pole (st_rip tease) last year and I can safely say I was largely self-taught. I learnt the game through watching videos and it just happened.

I was inspired by Nicki Minaj (the Trinidadian born American rapper) who rules the roost in this game. Like I said earlier on, I have a group of dancers called Midnight Angels.

Like any other entertainer, going international is and has always been my dream. 

Locally, the industry is not paying well and we all hope to make a breakthrough on the international scene where the remuneration is good.

Like I indicated earlier on, we are not yet there locally but we are managing. Our industry is not yet rewarding and being pioneers we won’t give up.

However, I am happy with what I get at Tipperary’s and of course at private functions.

Love life 

I am in love with Tawanda Magodo. I don’t have any kids yet but will plan baby-making in December if all goes according to plan.

I can’t compare myself with them but what I am aware of is that men have different tastes. In my case, my act is a ‘world class’ to say the least.

On that note, most girls – particularly st_rippers – accuse me of using lucky charms and juju yet it’s just an inborn thing. I don’t use juju neither do I use charms.


Some male patrons usually make se_xual advances but I don’t give in to their demands. I have bouncers who protect me and I make sure that se_x predators don’t come anywhere near me during and after the shows.

I’m simply the best there is in this particular game. - H metro

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