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Wizard Confession: 'My Snake had S.ex with Wife, Daughter and Killing them'

A villager from Matabeleland South begged traditional healers to burn his snake which has so far claimed the lives of his wife and daughter...

A villager from Matabeleland South begged traditional healers to burn his snake which has so far claimed the lives of his wife and daughter.

According to Amos Mnkandla’s confession, the snake had se_x with his late wife Emily Ngwenya and daughter Julia Mnkandla before killing them.

“They died mysteriously. Both could not walk properly at the time of their deaths and they continuously vomited blood. Doctors could not determine what was wrong with them.

“It seems the snake turned against Amos as it no longer had anyone to sleep with. We were shocked when he pleaded with prophets to go to his homestead and burn the snake,” said the source.
A Wizard has Confessed to Owning a Snake 

A crowd of shocked villagers thronged Amos’s homestead to catch a glimpse of the snake. Prophets had a torrid time trying to kill it.

“Amos led the prophets to his bedroom and we were stunned to see the snake which was on top of the bed. When they tried to catch it, it slithered down and entered into black boots which were on the floor. They eventually killed it,” said Buhle Sibanda, a villager.

Amos told B-Metro that he didn’t want the snake anymore. “I did not want the snake because it had started tormenting me. I think it needed someone to sleep with,” he said.

He suspected it had a se_xual relationship with his late wife and daughter. “The snake used to sleep with my wife and daughter before they died because it never bothered anyone before they died,” he added.

Like typical witchcraft stories, he inherited the snake. “I inherited it from my parents,” he said.

It could have wanted to sleep with him at the end. Talk about a gay serpent! “Recently it would sneak in my blankets and start making scary noises,” he added. Angry villagers accused Amos of being a wizard.

“Amos is a wizard. He knew all along that his snake was sleeping with his wife and daughter and this led to their death but he did not do anything about it.

“When his snake was tormenting his wife and daughter he never bothered to seek help. But when he was tormented he decided to seek help from prophets. I wish that they could have left the snake to harass him,” said a villager who preferred anonymity. - B metro

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