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Bedroom Gymnastics: Cheating Couple Paraded and Shamed

A cheating couple got a rude awakening when they were paraded after being caught red handed between the sheets.  Jane Muromo (mai Manu) of...

A cheating couple got a rude awakening when they were paraded after being caught red handed between the sheets. 

Jane Muromo (mai Manu) of Kandengwa Village in Goromonzi’s marriage has collapsed after being caught red handed by her husband in bed with another man – Josiah Kandengwa.

Jane together with her boyfriend Josiah are said to have been playing low profile for a long time now after word of their illicit affair started making rounds.

The two cheaters received a hiding from the neighbours and the people who had gathered to witness their adulterous act red handed.
Cheating Couple were Shamed by the Neighbours 

Jane’s husband could not be identified but is among the people who were following the two secret lovers closely. In an interview with the H-Metro mole, he said this was not the first time the two had been in this scandalous act.

“These two have been involved in an adulterous affair for a long time now. “The man had been coming time and again and enjoying the company of this woman without being caught but this time they couldn’t get away.

“They were once caught but the boyfriend managed to flee,” he said. He said that they two are believed to have started this love affair long back since the husband is always away.

The husband was notified of the affair but could not do anything since he had not seen them together.
It is alleged that the husband together with his three friends hatched a plan to apprehend the two.

“The husband has been trying to catch the two but without success. “This time they have been monitoring the movement of the two and they waited for almost three days but the boyfriend was nowhere to be found,” he said.

He added, “The husband almost lost hope but on the fourth day that is when the boyfriend came and they let him enter the house.

“The two had swollen faces after receiving a bashing from the people.” He said upon realizing that it was her husband she refused to open the door but he managed to force himself in and found the two naked.

Another mole concurred with the story saying that the husband was the one who caught them together and tied them together until morning.

“We only woke up to see the two tied together after the husband caught them being intimate and it is said they were caught in the early hours of the morning.

“With the help of his three friends the husband beat them and they were taken to the hospital for treatment,” she said. She added, “He sent some of his relatives to go and collect his wife’s relatives so that they could also witness the incident.”

She said that after being apprehended the two were tied together naked and spent the whole night being doused with water.

The mole also said the husband called the Chief to witness and the elder summoned the three to appear before him on August 6 for the ruling of their matter. - H metro

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